If you are looking for a Tamil gothic film, Pizza 2 Movie Download must belong to the top choices. This movie was written and directed by Deepan Chakravarthy under the production of Thirukumaran Entertainment and Studio Green. As the sequel of Pizza (2012), the Pizza 2 Tamil movie download managed to receive lots of positive reviews from both the critics and the audience.

What makes the success of this movie? Let’s take a look at the Pizza 2 movie download with Gurugamer.com to get more about it!

Villa Pizza 2 Trailer
The villa or Pizza 2 got lots of praise from the critics and the audience.

Release Date Of Pizza 2 Movie Download

Director Deepan Chakravarthy started filming on April 17, 2013, and finished in May 2013. This movie came to the public eye on November 14, 2013. The Pizza 2 Telegu Movie free download lasts 102 minutes and at the beginning, it was produced in the Tamil language. However, it was then dubbed into the Telugu language under the same name.

Although the budget of the Pizza 2 was only Rs 7 crore (about US$980,000), it succeeded in gaining up to Rs 20 crore (equivalent to US$2.8 million) for both versions at the box office.

Pizza 2 Telugu Full Movie
A series of mysterious incidents took place in the villa of Jebin's father.

The Cast Of Pizza 2 Movie Download

  • Ashok Selvan as Jebin M. Jose
  • Sanchita Shetty as Aarthi
  • Nassar as Marshall P. Jose
  • S. J. Surya as the director
  • Kaali Venkat as Ponraj
  • Anjali Rao as Aarthi’s friend
  • Ramdoss
  • Jaikumar
  • Vagan Rajesh as Pratap
  • Boys Rajan as Publisher
  • And K. Manikandan

In the Pizza 2 Tamil Movie download, Sanchita Shetty and Ashok Selvan take the main roles while Vegan Rajesh and Nassar make their appearances as the supporting roles.

Whenever mentioning Ashok Selvan, the audience may first think about Soodhu Kavvum (2013) - the movie that is supposed to mark his breakthrough as the main character. He also appears in many other successful movie projects such as Thegidi (2014), Savaale Samaali (2015), and Kootathil Oruthan (2017).

Pizza 2 Movie Download
Jebin quickly got fame after staying at the villa but what was waiting ahead would take his life away.

Along with Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty also takes the main role in this movie. One of the most successful movies of Sanchita Shetty comes from the combination between her and Ashok Selvan in the Soodhu Kavvum project.

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Plot Of Pizza 2 Movie Download

The Download Pizza 2 Full Telegu Movie revolves around Jebin M. Jose - a young crime novel writer who realized that his father went bankrupt with an unlisted villa in Pondicherry before his death. Jebin visited the villa before paying off the debts. However, his father’s paintings seemed to hide something and he decided to call Aarthi, his girlfriend and art student. She advised him not to sell the mysterious villa.

They soon discovered that all of the paintings in his father’s villa portended things yet to come. And then, Jebin made a breakthrough as he managed to sell his first novel Maybe, Maybe Not! for a famous publisher. He decided to stay at this villa with the hope to get another success for The Director, his second novel.

A few mysterious incidents happened, and Jebin and Aarthi tried to burn the paintings in a secret room, but all of their efforts didn’t work. That secret room always did everything possible to protect itself from them. People surrounding Jebin started to meet the bad luck and when Jebin found some paintings showing that a couple married to each other, but then, the man killed the woman. Jebin thought the man in the painting was him and decided to kill himself and burn the villa in a bid to protect Aarthi.

pizza 2 movie download
Jebin was willing to kill himself for Aarthi but she had her own intentions.

After his death, Aarthi finally showed her true face as in her favorite dual-faced painting. She earned a huge amount of money from Jebin’s selling the strange vial and book sale. She immediately seduced and got married to a director. However, the killer who was predicted to kill her in the painting turned out to be the newly-married husband.

The soundtrack of Pizza 2 Movie Download

Santhosh Narayanan is the one to compose the soundtrack of this download Pizza 2 movie download. The soundtrack was first released at Chennai’s Suryan FM Radio Station in September 2013. And then, its audio rights were purchased by Think Music. The total length of the album is 17 minutes 39 seconds.

Tracklist of the Pizza 2

  • Boomiyil – Pradeep Kumar
  • Disco Woman – Dhee
  • Kannum Gnyanam – Kalyani Nair
  • Pa Pa – Gaana Bala
  • The Villa (as the theme music) – Studio Orchestra of Sydney
  • Varaipadam – Studio Orchestra of Sydney.

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Although it allegedly belongs to the little-seen movies, the Pizza 2 movie download still manages to receive lots of positive reviews from both the critics and the audience. The talented cast, excellent script, stunning cinematography, and impressive soundtrack are all factors that make the success of this movie.

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