A few days ago, Amber Heard was rumored to have been fired from the Aquaman franchise and the Internet and Twitter users have felt very happy about it.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard has got so much hate after her domestic abuse case.

Even when this rumor hasn’t been confirmed, netizens don’t hesitate to express their happiness. They have created a lot of tweets regarding the American actress being fired from Aquaman 2.

Many frankly say that Warner Bros. should consider choosing Emilia Clarke as Mera, instead of Amber Heard. Apart from her popularity, Emilia Clarke has made a powerful impression on the audience via her performance in the TV series Game Of Thrones. Additionally, Jason Momoa who portrays Aquaman, aka Arthur Curry, played the role of her husband in this series. However, Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed or denied this rumor relating to the controversial actress Amber.

Emilia Clarke
May Emilia Clarke replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

Not long before, Johnny Depp reportedly left Fantastic Beasts 3, and Mads Mikkelsen is chosen to replace him in Grindelwald. Although fans love Mads Mikkelsen very much, they believe that Johnny Depp shouldn’t be treated like that while Amber Heard successfully kept her role. Speaking of the domestic abuse case of this famous couple, netizens feel angry when many are in favor of the actress who allegedly abuses Johnny Depp.

That’s why many have collected more than 10 lakh signatures and filed a petition against her. They believe that she doesn’t deserve to appear on set. However, Amber Heard hasn’t confirmed any rumors about her departure.

Meanwhile, Popcorned Planet’s Andy Signore revealed that the Aquaman franchise’s actress has been fired. He said,

“All I can say is yes, there’s still a lot of rumor to both these things, but the thing that feels less of a rumor is the fact that Amber Heard, she’s already out…”

Any Signore has proved to the world many times that his sources of information are very reliable. No need to explain how happy Twitter users feel about this information. However, let the time say to us whether, this time, Any Signore is right or not.

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