Warner Bros. just released the final trailer of Aquaman movie is about to be released in December. The film was directed by James Wan and starring Jason Mamoa as “the protector of the deep”.

The trailer not only shows spectacular ocean images, but the image of Atlantis is magnificent before lying beneath the sea. There are full of enchanted footage and epic scenes.

This is the first time we have seen the splendor of Atlantis before it sank into the ocean. The clip also has a lot of openings about the fight of both worlds and needs the help of Arthur Curry (played by Jason Mamoa). With the goal of uniting and creating peace in “above and below the sea”, Arthur was taught how to master the sea and forget his half-human when he was young by Nuidis Vulko (played by Willaim Defoe). Arthur trained “to be the best” so hard and that he becomes the king of the ocean and the great hero that everyone is hoping for.

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The trailer also reveals the political conspiracies, the kings and princes of Atlantis are having the hidden subversive plans to invade the land above the ocean.

In addition, we also admire the beautiful creatures from the tiny ones to the giant ones. The city is palatial and sparkling underwater so viewers cannot take their eyes off.

Besides the magnificent scenery and architecture, the trailer also shows that the huge sea creatures are capable of swallowing huge submarines with their giant mouths.

Aquaman appeared at the end of the trailer in his full heroic outfit with a golden trident is an image combines a king and a hero.

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The last scene in Aquaman's latest trailer

Aquaman's official release date is December 21 this year. Prepare your work schedule and call your friends and family to enjoy this epic DC’s superhero movie together.