In recent years, the audience has got familiar with looking for and updating the best movies on Netflix list. Netflix is not just a streaming TV network but it also gains lots of success due to many original series such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Sense8, Narcos, and Daredevil.

Take a quick look at the following list with to update the latest list of the best movies on Netflix!

Best Movies On Netflix List (1/2)

Black Mirror

Production year: 2011 - now

Genre: Science fiction

Director: Charlie Brooker

No. of seasons: 5

IMDb rate: 8.9

The first name on the list best movies on Netflix of all time is Black Mirror - a TV series that was first released in 2011 and has now continued to update the latest episodes. Black Mirror consists of many episodes that focus on technologies but each has its own content.

Right in the first episode, the movie revolves around the British Prime Minister who is blackmailed into having sex with a pig. The case is posted on social networks and people give mixed opinions: some support the Prime Minister while others support the terrorist (they mainly feel curious and crave for entertainment).

Black Mirror
Black Mirror is the first name on the list best movies on Netflix of all time.

The government tries its best to do the terrorist’s requirement by using visual effects and an understudy. However, when the information is leaked, the number of terrorist supporters suddenly surges because people think that the government is lying to them. This impressive episode manages to show us the power of social networks.

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Stranger Things

Production year: 2016 - now

Genre: Science fiction, horror

Director: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

No. of seasons: 3

IMDb rate: 8.9

Stranger Things is a must-watch movie on the list of best Hollywood movies on Netflix. Inspired by Stephen King’s novels, Stranger Things is a horror story that revolves around the disappearance of a boy. Other children who are friends of this boy also meet a series of unexplainable mysteries.

The most impressive thing in Stranger Things comes from the horrible and mysterious space and attractive narration via episodes. The TV series successfully depicts the outstanding characteristics of horror movies in the 1980s - the age of Pop music.

Stranger Things
Stranger Things.


Production year: 2015 - 2017

Genre: biographical, crime, drama

Director: Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato, Doug Miro

No. of seasons: 3

IMDb rate: 8.8

Narcos is a biographical TV series that mentions the harsh life of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar - one of the most powerful and richest barons ever. The TV series also depicts mob hits, risky missions, and of course, a part of the notorious baron’s private life behind the aura.

However, Netflix’s producing Narcos is obviously a big challenge because it touches the underworld. On September 15, 2017, one of the location scouts of Narcos, Carlos Munoz Portal was shot dead in Mexico City when he was taking photographs for locations. Regardless of this pitiful and partly scary accident, Narcos is still a success of Netflix and deserves a spot on the good movies on Netflix list.

Narcos Netflix

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Best Movies On Netflix List (2/2)


Production year: 2015 - 2018

Genre: Action, crime, thrilling

Director: Drew Goddard

No. of seasons: 3

IMDb rate: 8.7

Based on the famous Marvel Comics, Daredevil is the first TV series Netflix teamed up with Marvel Entertainment to produce. The series revolves around Daredevil or Matt Murdock who is blind since his childhood after an accident and becomes a street hero by night.

Daredevil gets high appreciation from the superhero fans due to its violent and bloody scenes, as well as the darkness in the plot which the audience often meets in DC films, instead of Marvel ones. The success of Daredevil is the beginning for Netflix to produce many other series about Marvel characters such as The Punisher, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders.


The Punisher

Production year: 2017 - now

Genre: Action, crime, thrilling

Director: Steve Lightfoot

No. of seasons: 2

IMDb rate: 8.6

After the success of Daredevil, another project of Marvel manages to attract the attention from Netflix. It is The Punisher - the TV series that revolves around Marvel’s anti-hero who likes to use violence to punish criminals. The TV series must be a good choice for those who are looking for the best movies on Netflix list.

The Punisher
The Punisher.

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Production year: 2015 - 2018

Genre: Mystery, supernatural, science fiction

Director: J. Michael Straczynski, Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski

No. of seasons: 2

IMDb rate: 8.4

As one of the best action movies on Netflix full movie, Sense8 rapidly draws huge attention from the netizens. The series tells a supernatural story of 8 strangers with their extraordinary abilities. They come from various regions in the world and used to have no connection with each other before an incident takes place.

The team goes ups and downs and faces lots of challenges to discover the mysteries about science and society such as instinct, sexuality, gender, religion. Although Sense8 ends up after two seasons, the netizens still hope to watch more in the future.

best movies on netflix list

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