Family is always a great inspiration for writers, musicians, artists, and of course, filmmakers across the world. This familiar topic has kept remaining its heat to the whole world in a variety of fields. Today, let introduce to you the list of best series to watch with family you should watch at least once in your life! Check out the following list!

List Of Best Series To Watch With Family

The End Of The F***ing World

It may be rather weird to suggest The End Of The F***ing World as the first name on the list of best series to watch with family. However, there will be no better choice if your family has at least one member at the age of 17. With 16 episodes, The End Of The F***ing World follows James, a 17-year-old teenager who always thinks that he is a psychopath. After feeling tired of killing animals, James decides to try to kill a human.

He meets Alyssa and is rapidly persuaded by this strange girl to take a tour across England. At first, James just agrees in a bid to get a good choice to kill her; however, they gradually start a romantic relationship.

End Of The Fking World

Black Summer

If The End Of The F***ing World isn’t to your liking, Black Summer is no doubt another candidate with much fierce screenplay. This 2019 series must become your new obsession with zombies, and that’s why it deserves a spot on the list of best web series to watch with family.

Black Summer revolves around men who transform into zombies and become scarier and more brutal in the post-apocalyptic world. Jamie King plays the role of a mother who is looking for her daughter. She has to struggle against zombies, along with other survivors, to keep alive in this harsh world.

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Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 is known as a successful remake of one of the best comedy TV series of all time. It revolves around a man who is kidnapped and required to watch really bad movies. He has to make comments about his robot friends.

With a unique and addictive screenplay, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 offers a lot of funny moments to the majority of the global audience. This series was first released in 2018 and consists of 3 seasons with 19 episodes. It receives an IMDb rating of 7.4.

Nailed It!

With an interesting screenplay, Nailed It! successfully establishes its own competitiveness and attraction compared to many other TV series. In this show, three bakers (who aren’t amongst the best ones) are invited to join each episode. They have to make some cakes, cupcakes, and many other cakes to prove their great abilities.

With different bakers for each episode, Nailed It! obviously hides a lot of surprising moments to its audience. It is a must-watch for your family this weekend! Don’t miss this series!

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If you are looking for the list of best movies to watch with family Bollywood, Airlift (2016) definitely deserves a try. It is based on a true story in Kuwait. The Iraqi army attacks Kuwait, making 170k Indians trapped in this land. Ranjit Katyal, a successful Indian businessman, becomes a leader to hold the biggest-ever evacuation in world history.

During 59 days, the Indian government arranges 488 flights to evacuate 170k Indians and take them to their hometown safe and sound. Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift stars Akshay Kumar as the main character. This movie received a lot of acclaim from both the critics and the audience.



Castlevania tells a story about Trevor Belmont who tries to prevent Dracula from coming into power in Wallachia. The scenes in this animated TV series has a lot of similarities to Japanese animated movies although it is produced by Powerhouse Animation Studio in Austin, Texas.

The audience gets strongly impressed by wild action scenes, as well as the cast of talented voice actors. Three seasons of Castlevania are now available on Netflix and it deserves a spot on the list of best movies to watch with your family! Enjoy this series right now!

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Stranger Things

Stranger Things has become one of the most-loved and most popular TV series to date. It is produced by the Duffer brothers. Stranger Things isn’t just suitable for teenagers but it also reminds the 9X generation of the once-popular movies such as Poltergeist and E.T.

It revolves around children and adults in Hawkins who have to face a series of supernatural threats and experience thrilling and sometimes romantic adventures, and more.

Above are some of the best series to watch with family this weekend you shouldn’t miss! Tell us which series suits you the most in the comment box below!

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