Instead of searching for movies under a variety of genres, why don’t we try to look for movies starting with the alphabet? Today, let introduce a list of Bollywood movies starting with N to you! Tell us which movie suits you best in the comment box below!

List Of Bollywood Movies Starting With N

Nakkash (2019)

Zaigham Imam’s Nakkash, also known as The Craftsman, stars Inaamulhaq, Sharib Hashmi, Pawan Tiwari, and Kumud Mishra. This 2019 film helped 1979-born actor Inaanulhaq win the Best Actor Award and Zaigham Imam win the Emerging Filmmaker of The Year Award. Nakkash received a lot of positive reviews from the audience and critics.

The film revolves around Allah Rakha Siddiqui, a widower and an excellent craftsman in Varanasi. Despite his efforts, Rakha and his son don’t receive respect from others. His profession is also the major reason for his son being refused for Madrasa admission. Things gradually become brighter when Bhafwandas Tripathi, a temple trustee, who respects Rakhan’s creativity decides to help him. Allah Rakha then becomes popular due to his outstanding talent.

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Namaste England (2018)

The next movie on the list of Bollywood movies starting from N is Namaste England or Greetings England. Two years ago, director Vipul Amrutlal Shah made this romantic comedy movie starring Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor as the main characters. However, it’s sad that Namaste England mainly received negative reviews from the audience and critics.

Namaste England tells a story about a young couple, Param and Jasmeet. While Param soon falls in love with Jasmeet, the girl is introduced as a well-educated girl with lots of ambition. They both want to settle down in England; however, some obstacles occur, leading to their separation. Watch the movie to learn what happens at the end of Namaste England!

Naam Shabana (2017)

When it comes to the Bollywood movies with N in 2017, many may first think about Naam Shabana - an action thriller film that was directed by Shivam Nair. With an initial budget of Rs50 crore, the movie then collected a big box office revenue of about Rs 185 crore. Taapsee Pannu plays the lead role as Shabana Khan. Notably, Naam Shabana was banned in Pakistan right after one day of its release in this country.

The movie revolves around Shabana Khan - a brave girl who then becomes a secret agent to take revenge for her friend, Jai. Shabana starts to set her first steps on the pathway to chase after the global arms dealer Mikhail.

Naam Shabana

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Nautanki Saala! (2013)

Based on the French film Apres Vous, Nautanki Saala marks the collaboration of Ayushmann Khurrana and Kunaal Roy Kapur, along with many other supporting actors. The movie revolves around the friendship between Ram Parmar and Mandar Lele. A few months after his break-ups many times, Ram Parmar decides to meet a psychiatrist to find out his own problems. He then saves Mandar Lee - a desperate guy who tries to kill himself. These two guys then start to learn how to win the hearts of girls.

Nasha (2013)

Another movies on the list of Bollywood movies starting with N is Nasha. In 2013, director Amit Saxena made the teen coming-of-age film with the main cast including two newbies, Poonam Pandey and Shivam Patil. Meanwhile, Sheetal Singh, Rabir Chakma, and nation Chakma played the supporting roles. It received a lot of mixed reviews from both the critics and the audience.

Nasha tells a story about a teenager in Panchgani, Saahil. Like many other teenagers, he has some close friends and a girlfriend. His life will have no changes if new dramatics teacher Anita doesn’t appear. Saahil soon falls in love with his teacher and slowly forgets his love with Tia. What then happens to Saahil’s new love? Is everything back to normal as before Anita’s appearance or not? Watch this movie to get your own answer!

Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke (2010)

Rahul Aggarwal’s comedy film Na Ghar Ke Na Ghaat Ke was released in March 2010. The cast of this movie includes Rahul Aggarwal, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Ravi Kishan, and more.

The movie revolves around a familiar topic in which ‘rural meets urban’. A rural man named Devki wants to pursue his dream in a big city; however, life in Mumbai is never as easy as he thinks. Devki is always an innocent man in front of people in Mumbai and he needs to learn how to live with them.

Above are some of the Bollywood movies starting with N you should watch at least once. There are always a lot of ways to look for a new list including some movies you may miss by chance. For example, you can also try to choose Bollywood movies with numbers in the title. Some must be born for you!

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