Christopher Nolan is one of a few talented directors who can almost do anything to their likings. In other words, producers almost don’t have the right to intervene with Christopher Nolan next movie projects. His movies often gain commercial success and positive reviews, and that’s why he easily receives support from the top-world studios.

Christopher Nolan Next Movie
Top Christopher Nolan Movies List.

Even when his fame is now considered as a guarantee for a blockbuster, Nolan has remained developing his career as a film director that aims at movies with ambitious plots and complicated characters. Although not all of his movies are outstanding, Nolan’s talent is still undeniable. Now, let’s check out the list of his movies including Christopher Nolan next movie Tenet with!

Christopher Nolan Latest Movie (1/2)

Following (1998)

The movie that marked Nolan’s career as a movie director was actually impressive. It took him one year to complete filming because both the cast and crew just joined this movie project as a second job. Following revolves around a young writer in a struggle with his life. He follows strangers on the streets of London and then suddenly realized that he is still followed by another stranger.

With the neo-noir film, Nolan managed to catch each of the most stressful and delusional moments of his characters and show them via black and white contrast frames. In spite of its ending, Following also got positive reviews from the audience.

Memento (2000)

Memento was definitely a phenomenon in the 2000s. This is the second movie directed by Nolan after Following, with a modest budget of $6,000 but it manages to help the director draw the global attention. Additionally, Memento marked the collaboration between Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan, his brother. It focuses on indicating the turning inward of Leonard (Guy Pearce) who has a short-term memory as a result of an attack.

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Insomnia (2002)

Christopher Nolan next movie is Insomnia in 2002. It is obvious that Insomnia is not bad but still forgettable during Christopher Nolan’s career. He poured his heart into this movie project and in fact, Insomnia was even filmed before Following - the first movie directed by Nolan but it didn’t gain success as expected.

Al Pacino made an appearance as a dirty cop who is obsessed after killing his teammates. Robin Williams stars as an unknown killer in Alaska and Hilary Swank as a newcomer to investigate the case.

Batman Begins (2005)

In spite of its success, Batman Begins isn’t a phenomenon at the time of release. However, it is considered as the inception of the trend called “reboot Batman Begins”. The movie follows realism and shows only a few scenes of supernatural power, and thus, it appears to look like a drama film, instead of a superhero film.

At least the two following factors that turn Nolan’s trilogy into the most memorable franchise in the movie history include a unique script and incredible performance of Christian Bale. Batman in Nolan’s movies always shows a scowling face, ice-cold demeanor, and growling voice but still full of senses of humor and depth in his mind.

The Prestige (2006)

The Prestige is the most attractive movie to mark Nolan’s turning point. Based on the novel under the same name of Christopher Priest about two magicians in the 1990s in London, the movie revolves around the obsession, ambition, and satisfice for jobs/arts of the passage of time. Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale had a perfect performance in the complicated movie.

Christopher Nolan Latest Movie (2/2)

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight must be the supreme work during Nolan’s career. The sequel of Batman Begins is recognized as the best-ever superhero movie and one of the key factors to create success for this movie is due to the villain The Joker.

The script written by Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan has organized plots and characters with unique characteristics. Especially, Heath Ledger made a perfect appearance as The Joker so that the departed actor became a legend in the acting world.

Inception (2010)

When it comes to an ambitious movie, Inception must be a typical example. Many even don’t believe that Nolan can make such a movie. Inception requires an extremely logical plot and a vivid imagination to form the world inside this movie. In terms of the entertainment element, it can even beat any opponent. Many segments succeed in touching the standards in the Matrix series such as no-gravity matches of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cobb adds the emotional component to perfect Inception. The actor’s performance in the scene of fear, suspicion, and panic is the best of the best.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

In the Dark Knight trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight Rises is the worst one. Everything is Ok, Christian Bale stars as Batman, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. However, when the plan of the villain Bane (Tom Hardy) comes into operation, things turn worse. There are a series of illogical and unclear plots. The character Bane is built without the necessary depth.

Interstellar (2014)

Released after the Dark Knight trilogy ended, Interstellar is a movie to help Christopher Nolan give a try with a realistic sci-fi movie. The close relationship between father and daughter is one of the center points in this movie. The world inside the movie and vast scenes manage to form diverse frames. Additionally, the perfect performance of Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, as well as the best soundtrack during Hans Zimmer’s career, is a big plus point for Interstella.

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Dunkirk (2017)

Dunkirk is the Christopher Nolan latest movie to date. The director aimed to make the Dunkirk movie during his directing career. Once again, the word ‘unique’ must be used to define this movie about World War II. Instead of choosing some characters to follow or create a fantasy content, Nolan decided to bring real experiences to the audience. His characters have complicated destinies but the audience can always find themselves in them. The movie revolves around heroes in the struggle against the failure and trying to survive in the war.

Christopher Nolan Next Movie

Tenet (2020)

Tenet is amongst the Christopher Nolan upcoming movie list. It is scheduled to release on July 31, 2020. The movie stars John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, and many other actors. Tenet reportedly revolves around the mission of preventing World War III.

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