Here are the highest-grossing Bollywood movies in India 2020. This list of the top 10 highest-grossing Bollywood movies in India will reveal why these movies made such great successes this year. Check them out below with

#10. Jawaani Jaaneman

It's the 10th most grossing movie in India this year. This Hindi comedy-drama was released in January 2020 in UAE. It won a great box office of ₹44.77 Crore. With a giant budget of ₹30 Crore, it's not the biggest winning in Bollywood this year. Jawaani Jaaneman stars Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, and Alaya Furniturewala.

This Bollywood comedy will bring you a big laugh with the interesting story of Jaswinder "Jazz" Singh, the main character played by Saif Ali Khan. He is a 40-year-old womanizer with a frivolous lifestyle in London.

Jawaani Jaaneman
What will Jazz do to become a true father of his daughter?

Will he change his lifestyle when his daughter appeared and claimed their family relationship? What will he do to become a true father of his daughter? Just watch his story and see how Jazz mended his life.

#9. Thappad

It's one of the highest-grossing Bollywood movies box office India this year with great earnings of ₹29.7 Crore. However, it's still considered a flop and loss when its budget was about ₹44.54 Crore, nearly double the box office. The Hindi drama movie released on 28 February 2020 starred Taapsee Pannu, one of the most famous and beautiful actresses in this country.

It featured the story of the young lady Amrita and her divorce. Amrita and Vikram, her husband, seemed to be happy before Vikram slapped Amrita at an office party. Then, she realized many unfair things that she had been ignoring before. That's why Amrita decided to divorce.

Taapsee Pannu
It starred the beautiful and talented actress Taapsee Pannu.

A lot of people around her thought that she was so serious when divorcing just because of that slap. But only Amrita knew that slap broke their love and relationship. Finally, Vikram realized his fault. He also apologized to Amrita and claimed to have rejected his promotion to try to become a man who deserves Amrita.

#8. Bhoot – Part One: The Haunted Ship

The Haunted Ship is a Hindi horror-thriller movie that got a great box office of ₹40.94 Crore while the budget was ₹30 Crore. This film was also launched in February 2020 in UAE. It featured the haunted ship named Sea-Bird.

Prithvi, the main character of the movie, entered to go surveying the dead unmanned ship running ashore Juhu Beach in Mumbai. He went to save a girl named Meera who he thought was real why others said he had hallucinations.

#7. Chhapaak

Chhapaak is one of the highest-grossing Bollywood movies in India 2020. It was reviewed many times on this website. This film was based on a real story of an acid attack victim, Malti. Luckily, she was alive but her face was seriously destroyed after the attack. But she won her fate and mental problem to fight for justice.

#6. Love Aaj Kal

This Hindi romantic drama film was released right on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2020. It got a great box office of ₹52.63 Crore thanks to its excellent plot and impressive performances of the cast. Moreover, the directors connected two love stories of two couples at different periods of time in this film. It makes Love Aaj Kal unique and more attractive.

Their loves have happiness, romantic things, and also conflicts, and misunderstandings. But after all, they found the solutions to those problems and the way to balance their work and love to unite.

#5. Malang

With an impressive box office of ₹84.50 Crore, Malang is one of the best grossing Bollywood movies in India 2020. It features the love story of Advait and Sara who met each other and started their love at a fascinating party in Goa.

However, it's not a love story only. Malang is also an action thriller film with a lot of spectacular action scenes when the couple was chased by two police officers because they were killers. The open ending of the film also made a lot of audiences curious about the story in the sequel.

#4. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan

This movie exploited a special and unique topic in Bollywood at this time: gay love. Kartik and Aman are two gay men who are in love with each other. However, their love was rejected by Aman's parents. His family even arranged a marriage for him and Kusum, a woman, to prevent him and Kartik from getting together.

However, Kusum was in love with another guy. Then, she convinced Aman to carry out a fake wedding and live separately when they were in Delhi to cheat their families. However, they heard the news of homosexuality decriminalization by the Supreme Court on the next day. So, they fought to get together at last. This movie brings you many moving love scenes, funny stories, and also a different view of homosexual love.

#3. Street Dancer 3D

Street Dancer 3D made a big hit in Bollywood with both a giant budget and great box office. This dance drama film starred many beautiful actresses and handsome actors who are all talented. At the beginning of the film, they are rivals on the dance stage who always want to be number one.

They also come from two different countries: India and Pakistan that makes the competition more strained. However, music and dances unite them on the stage. They still compete and respect their colleagues who also have a great passion for dance.

#2. Baaghi 3

The list of the top 10 highest-grossing Bollywood movies in India definitely has Baaghi 3, which brought about a massive box office of ₹137 Crore. This sequel of the Baaghi franchise made a big hit with a fascinating story about Ronnie, who entered a life-threatening journey to rescue his brother, Vikram.

Vikram is a policeman who was kidnapped by Syria when he was doing a mission. Ronnie went to rescue him and fought against waves of rivals. This movie brought audiences a true superhero with great power and brave.

#1. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

This hero movie features the story of the Maratha warrior Tanhaji. He is also the trusted lieutenant of King Shivaji Maharaj. This historical action movie was made based on real history. Therefore, it brings not only a moving and magnanimous heroic story but also great patriotism.

Those are the top highest-grossing Bollywood movies in India 2020. To update the latest movie and Bollywood news as well as more reviews and top lists, let's visit our website.