One of the most seriously affected industries amid the COVID-19 pandemic may be the film world. The majority of cinemas have to close down, the releases of the films are delayed, and production and filming have faced a lot of difficulties. It’s a big problem to interact with others in front of cameras; however, it is even harder to perform hot scenes in the epidemic. For the sake of the health of both actors and film crews, many creative and partly awkward methods have been applied to ensure the safety distance, as well as to offer the greatest scenes to the global audience.

Only A Limited Number Of People In The Set

The top rule to ensure safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic is following social distancing, and therefore, the directors have gradually limited the number of participants in each set. Apart from actors, other people have to stand apart from one another as a way to prevent the virus from spreading in the air.


Interestingly, actors have more private space to perform hot scenes. In the past, many Hollywood stars revealed to the media that they have to take their clothes off and make love in front of hundreds of people. That sounds crazy!

Ask Relatives For Help - Smart Option Amid The Pandemic

To minimize the spread of the Coronavirus, actors have to ask their loves or spouse (if any) to give them vital support while filming hot scenes. This method is often applied in the close-up scenes which don’t show their faces, and then, such scenes will add some special effects in the post-production to play tricks on the audience. The actors, therefore, keep themselves safer and don’t need to try their best to interact with their co-stars.

Sex Scene Pandemic

It is obvious that this method is just applied in the situation actors have their own partners. For single ones, they can move to the next one.

Make Love With Dolls In Hot Scenes, Instead Of Real Humans

In many specific hot scenes, sex dolls are also chosen to join the movie and play such sensitive scenes, instead of real humans. Of course, the film-crew needs to get these dolls’ hair done, as well as change their clothes so that they can look like real humans as much as possible. Notably, these sex dolls used to play the roles of deceased bodies in other movies.

Sex Dolls
These sex dolls even play the roles of deceased bodies.

Kisses With Mint Flavor But Full Of Acridity Due To Rinsing Mouth Many Times

Known for a series of hot scenes, the film Riverdale used to make its fans feel curious about how the actors have sex amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, the producers found out an effective way, at least in kiss scenes.

Rinse Mouth

For instance, K. J. Apa and Camila Mendes had to rinse their mouths many times whenever they had a kiss. Just one touch, they had to wash out their mouths for one minute to remove all viruses.

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