Known as an arthouse movie phenomenon after Call Me By Your Name, 1995-born actor Timothee Chalamet continued to develop his acting career via his performance in Hot Summer Nights - a 2018 coming-of-age crime drama film. It received many positive reviews from both the critics and the audience across the world due to the impressive cast and its thrilling scenes and even hot scenes. The young actor had hot summer days to experience the youth rebellion via hot scenes Hot Summer Nights that rock the global audience in a long period of time.

Now, let give you some overviews about this film to learn why Hot Summer Nights gains such big support!

Hot Summer Nights Overview

The neo-noir coming-of-age film was produced in late 2016 and Timothee Chalamet played the main role as Daniel Danny Middleton. The supporting roles included Alex Roe, Maika Monroe, William Fichtner, Maia Mitchell, and more.

Hot Summer Nights is written and directed by Elijah Bynum. This film is also known as his debut product during his directing career. Speaking of Hot Summer Nights setting, it is set on Cape Cod in summer in 1991 - the hot days when a teenager first falls in love with a girl and makes friends with bad boys, drug dealers, and cocaine.

Many may not know that the script of Hot Summer Nights used to appear on The Black List in 2013. The Black List is an annual list of the most loved un-produced scripts in Hollywood. Many of these scripts then manage to attract the attention of filmmakers and become box office movies. This list was first released in 2005. Until now, the movies whose scripts come from The Black List have won many awards for The Best Movie, The Best Original Screenplay, and many other awards. That’s why Hot Summer Nights drew lots of attention from the global audience even before its official release.

Hot Summer Nights
Timothee Chamalet and Maika Monroe had lots of sweet scenes in this film.

It was first released at South by Southwest in mid-March 2017 but till June 28, 2018, the audience could watch it on DirecTV Cinema. One month later, Hot Summer Nights was distributed to some limited cinemas by A24.

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Hot Summer Nights Spoilers

The film revolves around a weird teenager called Daniel who moves to live with his aunt on Cape Cod one summer after his father’s death. Since then, his boring life changes completely. Daniel soon makes friends with local boys and even has a girlfriend.

However, it worth mentioning that his neighbor, also known as his business partner, Hunter is a bad guy who delivers drugs while his girlfriend McKayla has a mysterious past. Hot Summer Nights tells us a story about youth rebellion, love, temptation, and great desire to assert yourself.

Timothee Chamalet during the filming.

Daniel teams up with Hunter to sell marijuana on Cape Cod and they rapidly earn lots of money. The two guys decide to betray drug dealer Dex to start selling the fatal drug on their own. However, Dex soon realizes their plan and asks Hunter to eliminate Daniel. Hunter doesn’t follow Dex’s order and advises Daniel to flee away, leading to his death caused by Dex. Knowing that her brother was killed, McKayla then leaves the town. Since then, no one has seen Daniel and his girlfriend McKayla again.

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Hot Scenes Hot Summer Nights 2018

Film fans who have watched Hot Summer Nights may never forget a series of hot scenes in this film. It is recognized as one of the 2018 movies with the most hot scenes. In Hot Summer Nights, young actor Timothee Chalamet experiences a passionate first love with his mysterious girlfriend on summer days.

Hot Scenes Hot Summer Nights

The life of Daniel (Timothee Chalamet) changes a lot since he meets McKayla (Maika Monroe). They first meet each other at an outdoor cinema when she quarrels with her boyfriend. McKayla suddenly asks Daniel to take her home. Their story starts at that moment. The summer carnival marks their relationship to become something sweeter and hotter after Daniel kisses her.

With the main topics about youth rebellion, it’s not surprising that Hot Summer Nights includes hot scenes. For example, the kissing scene when Daniel is in the toilet or the scene in a supermarket when Daniel is sucking a lollipop, or the surprising kiss scene he gives to her at the carnival.

Hot Scenes Hot Summer Nights plays an important role in this film because they partly help depict the rebellious moments in the energetic youth of both Daniel and McKayla. If you haven’t watched the film yet, you should consider watching it right now!

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