Five guns used in James Bond movies were stolen in a burglary in London. As estimated, those James Bond's guns are worth nearly Rs 1 crore. Check it out here with

James Bond’s Guns Were Stolen In A London Burglary

A collection of five guns in James Bond movies which is worth over £100,000 (nearly Rs 1 crore) was stolen in a house in Enfield, North London last Monday, March 23rd. It includes Tomcat pistols and Beretta Cheetah used in 2002's Die Another Day.

James Bonds Guns
Five James Bond's Guns Were Stolen In Enfield Last Monday  

Besides, there is a Walther PPK handgun used in 1985's A View to a Kill in this stolen collection. The other two stolen guns are Llama .22-calibre handgun in Die Another Day and Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum in 1973's Live and Let Die

All These Guns Are Irreplaceable
All These Guns Are Irreplaceable And Priceless

All these five guns are irreplaceable and priceless, as stated by Detective Inspector Paul Ridley. For example, the Magnum in Live and Let Die is the only ever-made one in the world. It has wood grips and a 6.5-inch barrel. In addition, the Walther PPK handgun was the last gun Roger Moore used in a James Bond movie. 

The police are investigating the incident. They also urged people who may have any pieces of news to come and submit. According to the police, neighbors of Enfield house disturbed the three burglars fleeing in a silver car. 

Those Guns Are Distinctive
Those Guns Are Distinctive, So People Can Recognize Them When Someone Sell Those Guns

The owner of this worthy collection is very upset and hopes to take back his full collection soon. Paul Ridley said these guns were so distinctive and famous that the public can recognize and tell the police if they spot anyone selling them. Hopefully, the police can find out the burglars and reunite the five James Bond's guns soon.