The Witcher Season 2 finally started filming in the United Kingdom after its long postpone due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have still been no specific details on its official release but Netflix has just rocked the netizens via the very first images of this series including the image showing Henry Cavill in armor as Geralt Of Rivia or the image of Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) after the Sodden battle, and more.

Witcher Ss2

Filming The Witcher Season 2 took place in early 2020 but it was then delayed for some months due to the Coronavirus. That means The Witcher’s plan to return in 2021 may be changed even when the production has continued since August. Netflix and Cavil have recently shared some images of the upcoming Season 2. Accordingly, the gaming community has once again seen Henry Cavill in armor.

Additionally, Ciri (Freya Allan) with new clothes seemingly looks more mature and beautiful. The official images from Netflix also reveal how Yennefer (Anya Chalotra looks like.

Freya Allan Ciri
Freya Allan portrays Ciri.

On his Instagram page, Cavill posted some images that were then uploaded on Twitter by writer Lauren S. Hissrich and Netflix’s official account in the UK. They all quoted some writings of Andrzej Sapkowski that inspired the popular TV series and video game.

Speaking of Geralt’s new outfit in The Witcher Season 2, it seems to be heavier than some armors he used to put on in the Season 1. Its design apparently has a lot in common with Nilfgaard’s armor in the previous season.

Yennefer Witcher Ss2
The first image of Yennefer has been leaked.

The official Twitter account of Netflix’s The Witcher has posted new images to mark the appearance of Freya Allan’s Ciri. This character is supposed to have a similar naïve appearance to that of Jon Snow in Game Of Thrones Season 1. Accordingly, fans also hope Netflix to give more power to Ciri in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, one new image focuses more on another character, Yennefer, although she isn’t apparently as impressive as Ciri and Geralt. The images show the spreading of radioactive fallout and Yennefer completely unleashed her magic power. Another image that reveals the girl with the chains on may predict a harsh beginning in Season 2.

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