Like other actors/actresses of her generation, Megan Fox detests that her fame has come through a franchise that she no longer wants anything to do with. The world found her through Transformers and not the rest of the Megan Fox movies list, but after some controversy, her relationship with director Michael Bay ended and she walked away from the franchise.

megan fox movies list

Although her filmography does not have as many titles, especially now that she has decided to walk away from Hollywood, there are several movies that are worth seeing, including a television series. So we will be looking at Megan Fox movies list all the best ones.

The actress who started in teen movies became an action heroine and is recognized worldwide for her sensuality and stunning looks. We celebrate the best Megan Fox movies in this Megan Fox films list. Whether she's playing a man-eating monster or a gorgeous love interest, Megan Fox is perfect to witness on-screen and she is quite funny, too.

megan fox movies list

Here's our Hollywood actress Megan Fox movies list:

Megan Fox movies list (1/5)

Jennifer's Body

This remains the best film in which Megan Fox has participated and starred. Written by Diablo Cody (Juno), it follows the story of a prisoner who tells the story of how her friendship with Jennifer Check (Fox) was what led to her ending up in prison.

They both look like normal young women, but after a strange fire, Jennifer begins a series of murders, suggesting that she is possessed by the devil. Although it received mixed reviews, it has been re-evaluated in recent years and is now considered a cult movie.

Friends With Kids

With good reviews, Friends With Kids is also among the best films with Megan Fox, although she does not have the leading role here. The film follows a couple of more than 30 years living in Manhattan and maintains friendships with other friends who - unlike them - do not have children.

Fox plays Mary Jane, a young woman who is involved with the man in the relationship, which inevitably causes a bit of chaos.

Megan Fox movies list (2/5)


Although film purists would say that it is not a great franchise, there is no doubt that it had enough impact to boost the fame of its protagonists, particularly that of Megan Fox. Fox plays Mikaela Barnes, a car thief who helps her Sam on his mission over two movies.

With enough entertainment value (but also characterized as being an example of Michael Bay's excessive cinematic style), it is at least one of the greatest productions Fox worked on.

This is 40

Directed by Judd Apatow, integrating characters from his Knocked Up film, this movie follows a couple who struggles to keep the flame burning at 40. Megan Fox plays an employee who represents the youth desired by everyone around her.

Although Fox's role is small, the movie is still worth watching. A good comedy with the humor we would expect from the director.

Megan Fox movies list (3/5)

The Battle of Jangsari

A South Korean action movie, quite unlike anything we've seen from Megan Fox. The Battle of Jangsari is the second part of a trilogy that tells the true story of 772 student soldiers who started a military operation during the Korean War.

Fox plays a character based on Marguerite Higgins and Margaret Bourke-White, reporters who worked during the war witnessing the events firsthand. It is possibly one of her best performances, quite out of the ordinary.

New Girl

It is not a movie, but one of the few TV series in which Megan Fox has appeared constantly. Her character came to replace Zooey Deschanel for one occasion and later became a recurring appearance, becoming the love interest of one of the protagonists. Here Fox further demonstrated her comedy skills, proving that she is more than what people expect of her.

Megan Fox movies list (4/5)

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

British journalist Sidney Young (Simon Pegg) faces the opportunity of a lifetime: working for the most prestigious magazine in New York. The journalist, who will be involved in inappropriate situations in New York high society, will also have to deal with journalist Alison (Kirsten Dunst) and budding actress Sophie (Fox).

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is a former Confederate soldier turned bounty hunter: he has been shot so many times that he has one foot in the world of the living and the other in the world of the dead.

He is hired to locate Quentin Turnbull, who blames Hex for the death of his son during the American Civil War, and whom Jonah believes was dead. But he is wrong: his greatest enemy has blown up a train full of soldiers, women, and children.

Megan Fox movies list (5/5)


A young seminary student who loves cinema comes to Hollywood in 1969, during a period of transition in the industry. The dramatic comedy film is directed by James Franco, based on Steve Erickson's 2007 novel of the same name.

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