Born in 1946, legendary director Steven Spielberg is known as one of the pioneers of blockbusters in the Hollywood movie industry. During his career, he has established a huge cinematic legacy including multiple masterpieces and blockbusters. That’s why fans across the world are willing to watch Steven Spielberg movies ranked many times. It is obvious that his works have shown their worth over time.

Steven Spielberg Awards

Steven Spielberg Filming Jurassic Park
Steven Spielberg during the filming of Jurassic Park.

Here are some of Steven Spielberg movies ranked IMDB fans shouldn’t miss. Let’s check out the following list with while waiting for his latest movie West Side Story that is scheduled to release in December 2020.

Steven Spielberg Movies ranked
Best Steven Spielberg Movies.

Steven Spielberg Movies Ranked (1/3)

Lincoln (2012) - 7.3 stars

As suggested in its name, this movie revolves around Abraham Lincoln, one of the most renowned and respected presidents during US history. Many believe that Lincoln belongs to the list of the best-ever biographical films of the US Presidents. It takes as no surprise that Steven Spielberg’s movie received up to 12 Oscar nominations. That year, Daniel Day-Lewis’s perfect performance helped him beat all other talented actors and win the Academy Awards for Best Actor at Oscar and Golden Globe ceremonies.

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Munich (2005) - 7.5 stars

Based on George Jonas’s book named Vengeance, the second name on the list of movies of Steven Spielberg ranked is Munich - a historical action thriller movie that revolves around secret attacks of the Israel government after the massacre at Olympic Munich 1972. Although it raised lots of controversies and got criticism from both the Palestine and Israel governments, Munich (2005) also received positive reviews from the critics. It gained 5 nominations at the 78th Oscar ceremony including Best Picture and Best Director.

Close Encounter Of The Third Kind (1977) - 7.6 stars

The 1970s is the period to witness the release of multiple classic science fiction movies such as Stanley Kubrick’s, Star Wars, and A Space Odyssey Alien. However, Steven Spielberg managed to take another completely different and new approach and message. This movie doesn’t just belong to the list of the most successful science fiction movies, but Close Encounter Of The Third Kind is also known as one of the best movies of all ages.

Minority Report (2002) - 7.6 stars

Based on Philip K. Dick’s short story under the same name, the sci-fi movie contains lots of mysteries and horrors and stars Tom Cruise as the lead role. Minority Report belongs to the top list of the best-ever sci-fi movies. With the intelligent script, the movie gained lots of praise about its great quality as well as commercial success. In 2015, Fox Pictures even released a series of TV shows known as the remake of this movie.

Steven Spielberg Movies Ranked (2/3)

Bridge Of Spies (2015) - 7.6 stars

The historical drama film gets inspired from the early period of the 1960s. Although Bridge of Spies just explores a familiar plot of the Cold War and there are no scenes of action and explosions, it still managed to bring a stressful atmosphere to the audience via dialogues. After its release, Bridge of Spies received a rain of praise but it didn’t succeed in winning the Oscar awards in key categories.

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Empire Of The Sun (1987) - 7.7 stars

The next movie on the list of Steven Spielberg movies worst to best gets inspired by the war concept that is formed via the 12-year-old boy’s vision. Empire Of The Sun mentions the days the English noble boy Jim Graham wanders to earn his life in a Japanese internment camp in Shanghai in 1930-1940. This movie received 06 Oscar nominations.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) - 7.8 stars

In 1982, as a teenager, Steven Spielberg created an imaginary friend to ease his pain after his parents’ divorce. 20 years later, this idea was shown via E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial - the most-loved movie of all age during a decade that was made with a budget of only $10.5M. It revolves around an emotional friendship between Elliot and a lovely alien.

The Color Purple (1985) - 7.8 stars

After the success of sci-fi movies, Steven Spielberg started to give a try with a coming-of-age period drama film. That’s why he chose The Color Purple, a novel that won the Pulitzer Prize. The moving story about a colored woman who is always strong and makes efforts to assert her worth after discrimination received warm interest from the audience. The Color Purple was nominated 11 times in 1986.

Jaws (1975) - 8 stars

The concept “summer blockbuster” of the Hollywood movie industry was officially released in 1975 with outstanding director Steven Spielberg’s movie mentioning sharks hunting humans. With a budget of $9M, this movie was the first movie to collect the revenue of over $100M. When making Jaws, Spielberg was just a potential director but then, he became the “blockbuster” film-maker.

Steven Spielberg Movies Ranked (3/3)

Jurrasic Park (1993) - 8.1 stars

It will be a big mistake when not mentioning Jurrasic Park on the list of Steven Spielberg movies ranked. The director rebirthed giant dinosaurs and children of all time fall in love with the world of Jurrasic Park. Although CGI wasn’t developed at that time, he managed to bring the impressive and lively frames and camera views to the wide screens so that the first movie is always known as the best one in this series. Even the Jurassic World movie with modern CGI technology can build such great emotions.

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Catch Me If You Can (2002) - 8.1 stars

Catch Me If You Can is another memorable milestone during Spielberg’s directing career. The movie features the two most-renowned Hollywood stars including Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is based on a true story about Frank Abagnale Jr. (DiCaprio) who managed to earn millions of USD from banks. In spite of not receiving many Oscar nominations in key categories, Catch Me If You Can is still one of his most memorable movies.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) - 8.4 stars

Anyone in love with adventure movies knows Indiana Jones and Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981). This movie marked a beginning for the famous series of Indiana Jones and is also recognized as the best movie. The legendary archaeologist Indiana Jones performed by Harrison Ford conquered the love of the audience of all ages for nearly 04 decades.

Saving Private Ryan (1998) - 8.6 stars

After Jaws, Steven Spielberg brought a new wind to summer blockbusters when releasing a movie relating to World War II in late July 1998. Saving Private Ryan didn’t just attract a huge number of watchers but it also became the most potential Oscar candidate even 8 months before the ceremony took place. This movie helped him win the Best Director at the Oscar ceremony for the second time (following Schindler’s List).

Schindler’s List (1993) - 8.9 stars

Schindler’s List is always the first position on the list of best Steven Spielberg movies ranked because it brought the talented director two Oscar awards including the Best Director and Best Screenplay. This movie won up to 07 Oscar awards in the whole 12 nominations and ranks the 8th position on the list of 100 best movies of all time given by the American Film Institute. Schindler’s List revolves around a German businessman named Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson). He is known as the hero who saved over 1,000 Polish Jews in the genocidal disaster during World War II.

The list of Steven Spielberg movies ranked must last longer in the upcoming time and the legendary director never makes the global audience disappointed. While waiting for his latest movie in 2020, let’s keep updating the latest news about him on the Movies section at!