The actress Sunny Leone moved to LA with her husband and three kids for a better life in lockdown. During this period of time, she keeps updating fans her daily life there with family. The actress also shares many videos and pictures of her lovely and cozy home in LA bungalow. Check them out here.

Sunny Leone Updates Fans Her Daily Life In Sprawling LA Bungalow

Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber took their three children Asher, Noah, Nisha to Los Angeles for a safe and good life in lockdown time. She also keeps contact with fans through pictures and videos about her daily life in her lovely LA bungalow.

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Her house is located in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, which takes 30 minutes to drive from Beverly Hills. She and her husband bought that house in 2017. It’s a beautiful, cozy, and lovely house with a swimming pool, stunning lush green garden, a large beautiful deck area, and five lovely bedrooms. It’s also near the iconic Hollywood sign of this city of freedom.

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A corner of her private house in LA

This is a great place for her family to live and enjoy their lives during the lockdown. Daniel, Sunny’s husband, said they bought the décor and artifacts in Rome, Spain, and Italy, and all over the world. They made their house the most stunning and comfortable to live and enjoy their lives.

During the lockdown due to COVID-19, they moved to this house for a better life there. The actress took photos of her with her husband and kids. She also shared many videos and pictures of her in different corners of the house. She also posted a white-black photo of her by the window watching the rain. In the caption, she wrote she was sure that “we will find some sunshine”.

If you follow her Instagram and Twitter accounts, you will also see lots of stunning photos of her. She still keeps updating her life amid COVID-19 pandemic from LA.

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In the latest photo, she wrote "we sill find some sunshine"
They Moved To La
They moved to LA for a better life amid coronavirus outbreak