The Bollywood unrest shows no sign to stop after the shocking death of Sushant Singh Rajput last July. After months of investigation, his girlfriend who is also a Bollywood actress Rhea Chakraborty was officially arrested yesterday. She is accused of drug trading and abetment of suicide.

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Why Rhea Chakraborty is arrested

According to the Narcotics Control Bureau, the actress was an active member of a drug syndicate. Along with her brother who was also arrested a few days ago, the actress was accused of drug trading and bought drugs for her late boyfriend.

In fact, she was questioned by the authorities for 3 consecutive days after being arrested on September 8th and will stay in the custody until September 22. Of course, the case struck a chord among the nation as Rhea Chakraborty is the only celebrity who was arrested in the country over the past few years. While her future is yet to be defined, the internet has been divided on the ground-breaking news.

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Rhea Chakraborty reaction

While her father expressed his disappointment and embarrassment of his children’s injustice, the actress has yet to many any official response or reaction. However, on the day being arrested, the actress was clicked wearing a T-shirt with a message, calling out people to ‘smash the patriarchy. The text on her T-shirt goes: ‘Rose are red, Violet are blue, Let's smash the patriarchy, me and you”


Cyberspace splits after Rhea Chakraborty is arrested

Right after the official arrest of Rhea Chakraborty, cyberspace has been split with mixed opinions. While some people stand up showing support to the actress, some others said that it was the right thing to do and she deserves to be punished for the illegal acts.

In fact, a lot of celebrities in the country like Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and many others show support to their peers by sharing the same quote. People also go big with by making hashtags like “JusticeforRhea and #MeandYou trending on social media. Take a look at their post below:

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On the other hand, Sushant Singh Raiput's sister started another movement by modifying the quote: “Rose are red, Violet are blue, Let's fight for the right, me and you” and staged: #JusticeForSushandSinghtRajput. Her post has received more than 43K likes and thousand retweets

Earlier, the 34-year-old Bollywood actor was found hanging himself to death in his own house in Mumbai on July 14th and the main reason is said to be due to long-term depression.

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