Pewdiepie now is among the most famous YouTubers in the world with a reputation covering many countries, including India. That he had a meeting with the huge media conglomerate T-Series did help him have a big fan base in this country. A recent video titled “Reacting to Sushant Singh Rajput” has been posted on his channel, in which he reacted to a viral video of the renowned Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. 

A recent video titled “Reacting to Sushant Singh Rajput” has been posted on Pewdiepie's channel.

In particular, the video that was taken to be reacted was the one in which Sushant Singh Rajput addressed college students to share his happiness in studying engineering. Pewdiepie then never stopped comparing the actor’s journey to his while he was also an engineering student. 

He also mentioned his struggle of being introverted when starting a job on YouTube, but in fact, the success he is enjoying no longer shows his initial introvert. 

Pewdiepie said that he could still be empathetic with Sushant’s harsh way to success, although his starting point was from a totally different country - Sweden. 

He also appeared to be very interested in the definition of success that was given by Sushant, both from recognition and excitement. By using the exclamations of “I love this guy!” over and over again, the YouTuber really made everyone think that he was enjoying every single moment of the video. 

While Pewdiepie flicked through Sushant’s wiki and career, he suddenly stopped at a mention of Ekta Kapoor, who was used to be the actor’s companion during his TV career. 

This happened right after Pewdiepie refused further discussion of the topic, maybe owing to his previous arrangements with the giant Bollywood and Television producer. 

Particularly, in a video that was possibly deleted afterward, Pewdiepie did not make very favorable comments on Kapoor’s TV serials as well as the content of the video. Doubtlessly, Kapoor could not tolerate that rude action; therefore, she publically complained and reported Pewdiepie on her Twitter account.