PUBG is such a popular game that it attracts tons of players as well as... cheaters to the game. In order to win a PUBG match, you have to overcome 99 other players, which is next to impossible and can be frustrated sometimes. But what is more frustrated is to have a cheater in the match who would ruin the game of everyone else.

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Cheaters have always been a huge problem in PUBG as well as many other shooter games

Cheater is a huge problem in all online shooter games and it is impossible for the dec to catch up with their new cheats all the time. Even if a cheater gets banned, they will just create another account and cheat again and again.

However, this Youtuber called ScriptKid has come up with a way to not only stop cheaters but give them a hard lesson as well by developing a fake cheat software.

The Youtuber developed an app called PUBG Maphack, which is actually a trojan that will ruin the game of anyone who uses it. He even created a website for the app and paid money to advertise it on Google. Over 2 months, more than 400+ people downloaded it and all of them got what they deserved.

Here are the punishments for the cheaters when they use the app.

Drop grenade instead of throwing

Whenever the cheater tries to throw a grenade, they will drop the grenade right at their feet and kill themselves.

Pubg Cheaters Trolled By Fake Cheat Software 4 2 S
The cheater just gave himself a death sentence with his own grenade

Auto jump out of vehicles

When the cheater is in a vehicle, they will automatically jump out of the vehicle when it reaches 85 km/h.

Pubg Cheaters Trolled By Fake Cheat Software 0 21
Seeing the cheater eat the road is just satisfying

Shoot teammate instead of reviving

Whenever the cheater is reviving their teammate, they will fire their weapon at the very last second. Needless to say, their teammates will not be happy at all.

Pubg Cheaters Trolled By Fake Cheat Software 2 50
He doesn't know that this place is soon turning into a blood bath

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