After Erangel was remade into the new 2.0 version by PUBG Corp just months ago, it’s time for Sanhok to join the team. As expected, apart from enhanced graphics, the map should receive notables changes on the terrain - which will eventually lead to a new playstyle. 

pubg sanhok 2.0 new
Sanhok is getting a brand new look!

Player's Unknown Battlegrounds has announced the revamp of another popular map. It is none other than Sanhok to receive a brand new look in the upcoming PUBG PC update. The official name of the map isn’t announced yet, but for now, the players are calling it “Sanhok 2.0”. Over the last few days, PUBG Corp. has released a few gameplay teasers of Sanhok 2.0 on their official Twitter account, which reveals pretty much everything about the new locations on the map. Let’s check them out!

New Features on Sanhok 2.0

The following images are taken from the video of the YouTuber by the name of WackyJacky101. He makes a clip comparing the old and new features on the incoming Sanhok map.


Bootcamp will get a completely new layout that is symmetrical in nature. It’s perfectly mirrored with the location divided into two equal parts.

pubg sanhok 2.0 boot camp
Bootcamp will be remade entirely new!


Another new location revealed is Docks. The location is converted into a party zone in the teaser and there's a reason behind this. Upon entering the site, players will catch glimpse of the party zone with some fancy glowing lights.

pubg sanhok 2.0 party zone
The Docks is now called "Party Zone"


The Ruins is situated on the western portion of the map and has been granted with a forestation alongside various dramatic changes in the surrounding area. 

MG42 – Sanhok 2.0 New Exclusive Weapon

A new machine gun - the MG41 is coming to PUBG’s Sanhok 2.0, which uses 7.62 ammo with a mag size of 50.

pubg sanhok 2.0 mg42
MG42 is coming to PUBG PC Season 8

Sanhok 2.0 Release Date

In the teaser, Sanhok 2.0 map will be live PUBG with the arrival of Season 8 on July 22.

pubg sanhok 2.0 new
All these new features will be released in the PUBG Season 8