While we've talked a lot about Bollywood and the Hollywood, world, there are a lot of acclaimed British singers and actors who managed to make it big in the international playground. Check out some of the richest and most successful young stars in England in 2020:

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1. Ed Sheeran

The 29-year-old singer and musician remains his place as the richest under-30 celebrity in England with 210M (crore). Despite putting his career on hold to take care of his son and family, Ed Sheeran still manages to earn more than 40M within the year thanks to the ticket sales of his Divide tour.

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2. Harry Styles

Being the most successful member of One Direction, Harry Styles, 26, is the second richest young star of the nation with 74M. Most of his income is contributed by the success of his second solo album Fine Line, the world tour and the Gucci endorsement.


3. Emma Watson

Apart from gaining reputation from her recent films like Little Woman or Beauty And The Beast, Emma Watson also takes the spotlight for joining the Sustainability Chair of Kering Group, the owner of luxury brands like Gucci or Balenciaga. Emma Watson net worth is 58M, which makes her the richest young female star of England and the most successful stars among the Harry Potter cast.

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4. Niall Horan

Apart from Harry Styles, 4 other members of One Direction also get into the list of the richest young stars in England. His net worth is reportedly around 55M and most of it comes from album sales and endorsement.

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5. Louis Tomlinson

The next 1D member to dominate the top richest stars in England is Louis Tomlinson whose net worth is 47M. The singer is now in a relationship with model Eleanor Calder and has just welcomed a son recently.

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6. Liam Payne

Apart from gaining a reputation as an acclaimed singer, Liam also draws a lot of attention after getting married to the American model Maya Henry, the daughter of the top famous lawyer in Texas Thomas J. Henry.

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7. Cara Delevingne

Thanks to the reputation of her family as well as the unique and charming appearance, Cara Delevingne quickly soared into the top model of the country and owns a 42M net worth.


8. Zayn Malik

Apart from his new projects, the Pakistani singer also makes a headline for his relationship with top model Gigi Hadid. The pair has just welcomed their first child last September. At the moment, Zayn Malik is the 8th richest Britan star under 30 with 38M.

Sam Smith

9. Sam Smith

Despite the controversy around his gender, the England singer was able to carve his niche in the international music world with a lot of hit numbers and albums. The Oscar and Grammy winner is now having 33.5M net worth and outdid other celebrities like Dua Lipa, Tom Holland, or Rita Ota to become the top richest young stars of the country.

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