Minecraft is an open-world game where players spawn on a procedurally generated map. Each instance of the world is called a seed, and seeds are unique. By choosing the right seed to play, players can skip pass the more tedious parts of finding resources and do what they want right away. This is crucial if their task is to construct a base.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase the 10 best Minecraft 1.19 Java seeds for base building.

1. Multiple Biomes at Spawn

  • Seed Code: 46942827301

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Seeds with multiple biomes near spawn is a Minecraft classic. The more biomes you can find near your spawn, the better. In this particular seed, players spawn in a mountain grove with a number of other biomes surrounding it.

Within a few steps of the spawn point, it is possible to find snowy mountain peaks, a dark forest,  jungles/bamboo jungles, and even an old spruce wood taiga. These unique biomes provide players with a lot of variety for their blocks, which allows them to create unique structures right from the start.

2. Waterlogged Ancient City

  • Seed Code: -6918689756545845259


Most ancient cities in Minecraft spawn under the landmass, however, the one in this seed is an exception. It spawns partly submerged into the ocean, with multiple openings leading to it. Players can either dig down or dive into the ocean to get inside this biome. Overall, this is the perfect place to start if you plan on exploring the new Deep Dark content and building a cave-themed underwater base. Furthermore, the city’s deep dark biome also has multiple waterlogged areas.

3. Exposed Mineshaft Next to Village

  • Seed Code: 5636173029472278327

Abandoned Mineshaft Savanna Village

It is usually pretty bad when a village spawns next to a ravine, as players have high chances to take fall damage. However, the ravine in this seed leads directly to a huge exposed Minecraft shaft waiting for you to loot. This is the perfect spot to build your first base and an EXP farm, speed up your early game progress.

4. Mushroom Island Paradise

  • Seed Code: 5975519174833736675

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Mushroom islands are perfect building locations in Minecraft because no hostile mobs can spawn there. Players can spend as much time building as they want without having to worry about creepers and the like. The particular mushroom island in this seed is even better - it connects to two savannah biomes and a forest biome, which contains a woodland mansion.

Overall, this is the perfect location to build your base. Additionally, there is also a shipwreck nearby, ripe for looting and exploration.

5. Ice Spike Villages

  • Seed Code: -1683905072585972978

Ice Spikes Biome

Ice spike biomes in Minecraft are nearly inhospitable but look super good for a base. While this seed has nothing at the exact spawn point, players can find two villages nearby at (X: 243, Y: 63, Z: 239) and (X: 85, Y: 65, Z: -159). By looting and trading in these villages, they should have enough items to kickstart building a Minecraft base.

6. Deep Dark Dripstone Caves

  • Seed Code: -6508583362350818497


The Deep Dark and its ancient cities can merge with the caves biome in their generation process. Both these biomes are huge open areas with good-looking rock formations, perfect for creating an underground base.

With this seed, players only need to dig close to their spawn point to reach a merger of dripstone and the deep dark.

7. Hillside Savannah Village

  • Seed Code: -698247204184653391

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This is a pretty vanilla spawn point seed for players who just want to start a new game without any fuss. It starts next to a village, allowing players to trade and collect materials to start their adventure. The starting biome is hillside savannah, which is decent as players can gather trees and other resources fairly easily.

8. Hollow Mountain

  • Seed Code: 8486672581758651406

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Mountains in Minecraft sometimes generate in a very unusual way, and in this seed, it spawns overlapping a cave biome. The whole mountain is hollowed, featuring berries similar to a lush cave biome. There should be a small crash at the base of the mountain that allows players to enter and explore.

9. Mangrove Mountain Cove

  • Seed Code: 41000080

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This Minecraft seed seems very normal at first - it spawns players into a savannah biome. The real treasure, however, lies at (X: 25, Z: -175). Players can head to these coordinates to find a beautiful watery cove surrounded by mountains. This is the perfect spot to build either a castle or a tower.

10. Stronghold in Ancient City

  • Seed Code: -6542427500181432213

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This is a rather special seed that might never get any duplication. It features an Ancient City with a complete stronghold inside it. Players can easily explore both and locate its chests, libraries and even the End Portal. After clearing out both locations, it is possible to modify them into an underground base.

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