From childhood Lego play to following Robot Wars on television, numerous individuals develop aspirations of crafting robots—be it for combat or to enhance their daily existence. Video games now serve as an ideal avenue for fulfilling these dreams, offering diverse genres that empower players to craft, modify, and engage their robot inventions.

Across strategy, action, simulation, and puzzle genres, spanning from AAA productions to indie releases, there exists a vast selection of titles. These cater to audiences of all ages, ensuring appeal for adults, children, and those in between. For anyone driven by the passion to construct their robotic marvels, there's a game tailored to their interests.

1. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

When it comes to mech games, few series rival the acclaim of Armored Core. Its latest prominent launch, Fires of Rubicon, marks a remarkable resurgence for the franchise.

Armored Core 6 Hands Off Preview
Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Armored Core offers extensive freedom for players to design and construct their mechs, encompassing various weapon types and even considering the mech's weight. Each choice can shape a distinct play style, contributing to the game's depth. With its rapid-paced gameplay, immersive universe, and challenging boss encounters, Armored Core 6 stands as a deserving successor to this beloved gaming legacy.

2. RoboCo

In this open-world robot construction game, players can create their custom robots and deploy them to assist the game world's inhabitants. RoboCo provides an ideal platform for those eager to challenge their inventive engineering abilities and craft functional robots.

Roboco Screenshot 4 1024x576

This indie gem, RoboCo, offers wholesome gameplay that caters to various age brackets and serves as an enjoyable educational tool for young robotics enthusiasts. Featuring entertaining yet demanding tasks, players are prompted to devise increasingly intricate robots to accomplish each challenge.

3. M.A.S.S Builder

When it comes to games allowing players to construct robots, mech games typically stand out, offering unparalleled freedom and choices. M.A.S.S Builder, an RPG Mech fighting game, draws considerable inspiration from JRPGs.

M.A.S.S Builder

Right from the beginning, the game grants players numerous options to personalize their mechs, encompassing various paint, components, and weaponry. While lacking the same gritty tone as other titles in this genre, M.A.S.S Builder compensates with enjoyable, seamless combat and extensive customization features.

4. Cogmind

This challenging roguelike centered on robot construction offers a intricate turn-based experience where players assume the role of a robot, engaging in exploration and combat. It's a game that doesn't offer much guidance, demanding time and dedication to grasp its mechanics. As players advance, the robot evolves and enhances itself using scavenged parts from other robots or discovered materials.

Cogmind Factory Battle

Cogmind's intricate interface and steep learning curve might not attract a broad gaming audience. Nevertheless, for enthusiasts seeking deep gameplay mechanics, this delightful indie creation promises satisfaction with its dynamically growing world, strategic combat, and nostalgic retro gaming visuals.

5. Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

In a world dominated by robots where human minds inhabit robot gladiators, this beat 'em up game unfolds. Players navigate through various robot-filled stages, aiming to break free. Offering both co-op and story modes, the game provides ample choices for players.

Clone Drone Featured 2000x1270 1
Clone Drone In The Danger Zone

Following each stage conquest, players can enhance their robots by upgrading their weaponry or abilities. Clone Drone in the Danger Zone presents a straightforward yet enjoyable robot combat experience that holds appeal across all age groups.

6. Autonauts

Autonauts, a simulation and resource management game, empowers players to craft their ideal realm. Within this game, players construct and automate a workforce of robots tasked with transporting, harvesting, and crafting essentials for a burgeoning colony.

Autonauts Is Available Right Now For Pc Via Steam

Devoid of time constraints or adversaries, Autonauts offers a stress-free experience, making it a perfect choice for gamers seeking relaxation while engaging in robot building and programming. Suited for both adults and children, Autonauts stands as a straightforward yet intricate game that will satisfy aficionados of strategy and simulation genres.

7. Battletech

Battletech, a turn-based strategy game adapted from a board game, enables players to personalize and assemble their mech suits, encompassing aspects from the chassis and weaponry down to nuanced details like turning radius and gyros. This extensive customization grants players considerable freedom in shaping their preferred play style.


Diverging from the faster-paced shooting and evasive maneuvers seen in other mech games, Battletech prioritizes strategic gameplay. This deliberate and methodical approach caters to enthusiasts of a slower-paced, more thoughtful gaming style within the genre.

8. Fallout 4: Automatron

The Fallout series immerses players in a post-apocalyptic setting, navigating a ravaged nuclear wasteland and combatting mutated adversaries. Fallout 4 introduced an innovative building system and, through the Automatron DLC, incorporated robot construction into the gameplay.

Fallout4 Dlc Automatron01 1455633116 0 0 842f_wm
Fallout 4: Automatron

Automatron enables Fallout players to craft personalized robots, which serve as both companions and defenders for the game's settlements. Offering a wide range of options, the ability to create customized robots adds an enjoyable dimension to survival in a nuclear wasteland.

9. TerraTech

TerraTech stands as an action-packed construction sandbox game, where players engage their robot vehicles in battles across diverse landscapes. Focusing on construction prowess, the game challenges players to showcase their creativity in crafting top-tier vehicles for maximum destructive potential.

Ss 2ee72f84d95334a83edf6d8148ebadb687199f04 1920x1

Suitable for gamers spanning all age groups, TerraTech especially resonates with enthusiasts keen on building and exploring. The game notably echoes the essence of Lego, evoking nostalgia for those who grew up with the iconic toy brand.

10. Robocraft

Robocraft, a free-to-play action game centered on building robots, enables players to craft personalized weaponized vehicles and engage in battles across diverse terrains and game modes. These robotic creations are versatile, capable of flying, hovering, or driving, allowing players to tailor their gameplay style according to their own arsenal.

Ss 61051fcd4a0008cdc3541ec13a71a8c549770502 1920x1

While slightly beyond its peak, Robocraft remains attractive to those passionate about constructing highly customizable, heavily armed robots. Additionally, the game has an upcoming sequel and an Xbox version titled Robocraft: Infinity.

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