The ones on this list have to deal with the latter case. They had been some impressive titles, some tried to make an instant fan base, where others were successful series’ sequels. They all failed to catch onto the hype. Nonetheless, that does not mean they don’t stand out. They all have deep and satisfying gameplay, engaging stories, and beautiful art direction, etc.

The games on this list experimented, innovated, and managed to provide gamers with an experience that is worth dozens of hours.

From indie games to AAA titles, I hope these games can earn new players after this article. After all, I do believe that they deserve more exposure.

  1. The Evil Within 2

To open up the list, there’s The Evil Within 2, this game took what the predecessor did and improved them all the way. The sequel is equipped with an open world set up that is greatly implemented, engaging storyline, and improved combat system. All of these things combined make the game something quite special.

Screen Shot 2017 10 18 At 1 22 42 Pm 0
Screenshot from the game

The game is terrifying and disturbing throughout, something not a lot of recent AAA games in the horror genre managed to do. There are horrifying foes throughout the game world with their very own sort of challenge. There are ones that need to be shot with just the right number of bullets, making you have to react faster and shoot with more strategies due to the limited ammunition.

There are also the haunting presences that you can only hide from and hope that you will not be found. Nonetheless, this game is immensely responsive, has tremendous satisfying shooting. It is also equipped with an atmosphere that will scare you.

Last but not least, the storyline of this game hits too close to home emotionally. Instead of a standard everything-go-wrong case, this is more of a man’s personal quest to get his daughter in an unpredictable and terrifying world.

  1. Sunset Overdrive

This is an Xbox exclusive that comes from a big developer. It is from the hands of Insomniac Games, the developer who put out the recently well-received Spider-Man title. This explains the quality of this game. Sunset Overdrive is a clear combination of the developer’s past work like Saints Row and Ratchet & Clank. That is the reason the game with its open world is so incredibly entertaining. Your goal is just to move around keep on wiping zombies out.

2622803 Sunset Overdrive Mugger Od
Screenshot from Sunset Overdrive

As one of the key aspects is movement, maneuvering the game world is fun and exceptionally smooth. That aspect will become like a second nature to the player, opening them up to the game’s big weaponry. Anything can be a weapon in this game, from teddy bear rocket launchers to big guns that shoot Lebowski-themed bowling ball. With those weapons, destroying the zombie hordes has never been easier.

All of them work together to serve a campaign that is just thoroughly enjoyable and an open world that is just so crazy and over-the-top. It truly is a shame Insomnia has no plan for its sequel.

I hope that with the great success of Spider-man, Microsoft can fund for another incredible adventure with the Sunset Overdrive world.

  1. Wolfenstein 2

These days, FPS games have been getting away from all the features that are for single-player and chasing new hot trends like Battle Royale. It is such a relief that not all AAA titles are like that, specifically with the Wolfenstein series’ reboot. In this genre that has stopped prioritizing the FPS campaigns, Wolfenstein carved out its own identity due to deciding to keep it.

Wolfenstein Ii The New Colossus 20171026135603 150
Screenshot from the game

Instead of attempting half-heartedly to introduce more modes, MachineGames finetuned to the utmost possible degree the game’s central campaign, making sure that it is as good as possible. Due to this, the campaign has become undeniably superb, providing a deep storyline that has characters that deserve your emotion along with some quite excellent gameplay.

Due to this commitment, the game will be one that passes the ravage of time just like the titles from more than a decade ago that we all look back as classics. If you like shooting, then this game absolutely deserves every last bit of the pennies you will pay.

  1. Quantum Break

This game was the one Xbox exclusive which never managed to take off the way Microsoft had intended. Although its commercial value is quite solid, there were not enough words of mouth to get Microsoft greenlighting the sequel.

Time Powered Takedowns Are A Part Of Your Arsenal
You can utilize time-powered takedowns

Coming from the hands of Alan Wake, this game served like a true demonstration of technology for its system, the game shows incredible visual while maintaining steady performance during the most chaotic moments. The cast greatly complements the incredible visuals with their hard work. Those things, while quite impressive, still cannot be better than the gameplay, as the third-person perspective along with manipulating time elements can become a second nature for players quickly.

The TV component that accompanied the game was the greatest ambition of Quantum Break. However, it may be the very reason this game was not accepted by many players. Nonetheless, no matter how different the opinions on this hybrid component are, the episodes still do help a lot with the world building and flexing out characters, so we can all appreciate it.

  1. Bayonetta 2

Both of the games in the Bayonetta series are extremely underrated. However, the second one earns the spot here due to its responsive and tight controls, one crazy storyline that makes you go up against both Hell and Heaven, some boss battles that you can only see for yourself to believe. Every single thing is improved and heightened in this sequel. The game offers another campaign which fully embraces the cheesiness in order to be able to completely indulge in having all the things in this game flashier, bigger, and of course uncompromisingly gratifying.

Bayonetta 2 on the Nintendo Switch

As we would expect from the developer of this game, Platinum Games, the combat system is something that stands out immediately. Varied, combo-heavy, and bloody enough to make it possible for players to fight the way they like. This coupled with the fact that you can get new weapons when you make progress on the campaign, means that you have got for yourself one fighting system which just keeps giving, after a long time of you playing. I still haven’t touched the battles with bosses. Each of those is a creation that can only be called visually-stunning. They are all great challenges without crossing the borders into the “impossible” or “cheap” territory.

Last but not least, there is the main char, Bayonetta, this character is such a joy to play as due to her capability to be revel and calm in all her accomplishments, this is including the time when both Heaven and Hell come for her head.

  1. Mad Max

If you like Fury Road, there is no way that you will not like Mad Max. It has all the car battles, violence, and craziness. Coupled with them is an even crazier storyline which leads to destructions on the level of Just Cause. There is also the open game world that has both dangers and treasures in every single corner.

Mad Max has incredible graphics quality

Avalanche Studios, the developer, decided to stick with their roots of heavy destruction, made this Mad Max stimulator properly, letting you travel through a wasteland that has War Boys riding their death machines everywhere, waiting eagerly to have a chance at taking you out.

The biggest highlight of this game is, of course, car combat. You can take on strategically a multitude of enemies who drive their very own battle cars. With Max’s shotgun, “broomstick”, spears, or maybe the car as offensive weapons, every encounter is a flashy, strategic, and responsive fight. The ground combat system might not be as great, however, it is quite satisfying and brutal enough.

The cherry on the top is the revenge storyline that feels just right for this universe. All of those things coupled together bring us gamers an open world post-apocalyptic which did not rewrite this genre, but it does have a great quality to satisfy us.

  1. Ruiner

Top-down perspective shooter games have been coming and going these days without leaving too many memorable marks on the gaming market, there have been only a handful of cases that are exceptions in this doomed genre. Out of them, I believe that you must not have heard of Ruiner. However, that does not take anything away from the brilliance of this game. With a fascinating combination that has addicting combat, social commentary, and cyberpunk, this game can indeed hook you up if you give it a single chance.

Maxresdefault 1
A great top-down perspective game

The story is based on the year 2091, where the silent protagonist keeps trying to search for a kidnapped brother who is being detained by the Heaven corporation at that moment.  However, things are not all straightforward like their initial appearances in this game, as the main char is actively being hacked by a multitude of unknown people, making the control sense slipping in a constant way.

However, you can always count on this one constant to not change throughout the game: the brutal and addictive gameplay which have both guns and melee fighting mixed together fluidly.

The storyline of the game does have its own twists, making things to be interesting when you are not shooting or hacking people to death. Ruiner is the kind of game that you must give a chance to, especially in the case of you being a Furi or Hotline Miami fan.

  1. Super Lucky's Tale

It is quite rare to see a 3D platformer game that is AAA. Almost all of the well-known game studios have decided to move away from this genre, and Nintendo is essentially the only one left that is still developing these types of games. However, that has not always been the case, as sometimes another studio will go ahead and make a quite high-quality platformer game. Super Lucky Tale is a great example of this case, as it completely represents the underrated goodness which comes from these studios that are brave enough to take a chance on the genre.

A rare great platformer

Of course, this game is not an instant classic, it is also not a trailblazer. However, it does have an enjoyable and smooth experience for anybody who gives it a chance and tries out. The levels of this game are puzzles, sidescrollers in 2D style, and 3D fully-explorable maps.

In between the levels, we have a multitude of unique hub worlds that have their own specialties and charming points. The gameplay is quite solid from one moment to another, when all the components in this game are working flawlessly, it gives out the feel of what Yooka-Laylee could have been.

Is this game the modern Banjo-Kazoole? That is not quite the case, this game is simple and meant undoubtedly for children. However, this is still a high-quality game which can work flawlessly as the introduction to the world of platformers for you. If it has a greater budget as well as more freedom, this game can have a sequel that can compete with the giants.

  1. ABZÛ

Even though there is a multitude of games that can provide gamers with excitement and thrills, there are times where you only need a nice and relaxing game that has the main objective of enjoying the experience. Something which does not hound on you with every single object possible and keeps things beautifully simple.

Maxresdefault 3
Peaceful and beautiful ocean

This game fits amazingly with the description given, as it is indeed an amazingly calm experience for the player.

The players will be put in a scuba suit as a diver that has an unlimited amount of oxygen to explore around the game world. Then they will be lead subtly down a path which gives them a chance to breathe life into the sea again and free all kinds of fishes from captivity. The incredibly soothing soundtracks of this game serve as a genius way to enhance this experience. All of those things make the explorable ocean the arguably most peaceful in existence. Of course, there is some subtle world-building being sprinkled throughout.

  1. Watch Dogs 2

Unlike the first one that is overly serious and dull aesthetically, this game introduces the players to a much more vibrant pattern of color. There is also a personality for the open world as well as a clear sense of energy. It also offers a quite likable protagonist along with an enjoyable character cast with an open-ended design for missions. All of these make the game quite a great sequel.

Maxresdefault 4
A greatly underrated sequel

Giving a feel of a soft reboot, WD2 possesses an undeniable personality as well as energy throughout every single section. The game takes advantage of the predecessor’s undeniable potential and gets even more inventive when it comes to mechanics, giving greater freedom to the player. In addition, this sequel has streamlined perfectly activities such as surveillance and hacking, taking off most of the lulls in gameplay that hindered the predecessor.

There is also a great storyline which pokes jabs playfully at prominent tech figures in real life as well as provides notable commentary on government, the system of justice, and race. To sum it all up, the game has covered all the issues which the first game tried and failed to do in a far more entertaining and engaging way.

Even if you don’t like the first one, just give this one a chance.