The Nether in Minecraft is an alternative dimension characterized by its fiery red terrain and flowing lava. Scant vegetation grows in this harsh environment, posing a significant challenge for newcomers attempting to survive here. For players seeking a more thrilling and demanding experience than the relatively mundane overworld, the Nether offers a unique set of challenges and adventures.

Conquering the difficulties specific to the Nether, challenges that most Minecraft enthusiasts do not encounter in their usual gameplay, becomes crucial for players aspiring to establish a comfortable existence after constructing a Nether portal. Upon traversing this portal to the new world, players must be well-informed about the adversities they will confront and the necessary supplies they should carry to thrive in this unforgiving realm.

1. Leave Breadcrumb Trails Everywhere

The confined spaces within the Nether pose challenges for navigation. With no sun to indicate the correct direction and many areas appearing identical, it's simple to become disoriented. Even with a map, finding the way back home can be tricky. That's why it's wise to mark the path with an unusual block in the Nether, serving as a breadcrumb trail leading back home.

Minecraft Trail
Breadcrumb Trails


Much like exploring deep caves in the overworld, placing a torch on a cobblestone block in the desired direction simplifies the process, alleviating the stress of trying to find the way back home.

2. Protect The Portal

While the goal is to establish a life in the Nether, having a way back is crucial. If a Ghast strikes the portal, its light will extinguish, leaving no means of returning home. Although it can be easily relit using flint and steel, avoiding this situation altogether is a wise approach to settling in the Nether.

Minecraft Portal
The Portal

A smart initial step is for players to encase their portal in cobblestone, safeguarding it from Ghast attacks. This cobblestone enclosure can also serve as an initial shelter while they explore and identify the optimal location for their Nether home. Later, the cobblestone can be replaced with nether brick, offering superior blast resistance and durability compared to cobble.

3. Bring Lots Of Cobblestone

Numerous blocks in the Nether can be effortlessly obliterated by Ghast blasts, making the construction of a sturdy base challenging with the available materials. Those intending to relocate to the Nether should carry ample supplies of cobblestone, as it is essential for survival.

Minecraft Cobblestone
Lots Of Cobblestone

While not entirely impervious, cobblestone can endure more hits than alternative materials players might consider. Additionally, it is non-flammable, ensuring that any progress made will not vanish instantly if it catches fire.

4. Budding Alchemists Will Prevail

Apart from enchanting, another essential aspect of Minecraft gameplay is alchemy, which proves invaluable when surviving in the Nether. Mastering the art of crafting fire resistance potions is particularly helpful in scenarios where a player accidentally falls into lava.

Minecraft Brewing Station
Minecraft Brewing Station

The beauty of creating fire resistance potions lies in the fact that all the required ingredients can be sourced within the Nether, excluding water. To brew this potion, players only need magma cream, nether wart, and blaze powder to heat up the mixture.

5. Hunt Hoglins

Finding food in the Nether is extremely challenging, yet essential for players wanting their health to regenerate. One approach is to bring red and brown mushrooms along with some dirt from the overworld to craft mushroom stew, although this method requires patience due to the slow growth of mushrooms.

Minecraft Hoglin
Hunt Hoglins

A simpler alternative is to locate a crimson forest, where herds of Hoglins gradually spawn in groups of 3 to 4 over time. These mobs drop pork chops that can be cooked and consumed, providing a readily available source of nourishment.

6. Bring A Fresh Map

Similar to the standard Minecraft world, the Nether boasts vast expanses with diverse biomes and fortresses waiting to be explored. Keeping track of locations can be challenging, especially amidst the Nether's dangers. That's why having a new map on hand is a wise decision.

Minecraft Map
A Fresh Map

While everything might seem uniform on the map, remembering specific areas where certain landmarks were spotted can significantly simplify navigating the extensive crimson landscape. This approach ensures that players won't venture too far and get lost without a way back home.

7. Practice Deflecting Ghasts

In the Nether, Ghasts are prevalent foes, resembling eerie, floating giant squids. They emit spine-chilling cries as they assail players with fiery projectiles, capable of knocking them off ledges and causing general havoc.

Minecraft Ghast

Fortunately, players can turn the tables by deflecting these projectiles back at the Ghasts. By striking the ground with a weapon or even their bare hands, players can make the Ghasts experience their own attacks. This tactic not only counteracts the Ghasts' assault but also safeguards the ground beneath the player from being destroyed.

8. Forget About Sleeping

In the Nether, there is no day and night cycle, rendering the use of a bed solely for setting a spawn point. However, this is impossible in the Nether environment. Attempting to place and use a bed there results in an explosion, jeopardizing the player's life and destroying the bed.

Burning Bed Minecraft
Forget About Sleeping

To counter this, inhabitants of the Nether should establish a small house near their portal in the overworld, containing a bed. In the event of death, players can swiftly return to their Nether dwelling, ensuring a seamless continuation of their new living experience.

9. Don't Bring Valuables

This advice might be common knowledge for experienced or veteran players of this sandbox game. Nonetheless, it remains crucial to ensure that valuable items, whether a few diamonds or an entire stack of ore, are securely stored at home. Otherwise, players run the risk of these items being lost, either by falling into lava accidentally or dying near fire.

Minecraft Chest
Don't Bring Valuables

Even placing valuables in a chest near the Nether portal that leads back to the overworld is a wise decision, especially if players anticipate needing them again while residing in the Nether.

10. Suit Up Before Shipping Out

In contrast to the standard Minecraft world, the Nether is considerably more dangerous, with powerful adversaries. As a result, players aspiring to dwell in the Nether should prioritize acquiring a high-quality full set of armor, ideally made from diamonds, before venturing into this fiery realm.

Minecraft Armor
Minecraft Armor

While there's a chance of losing this valuable armor, enthusiasts of the game are less likely to succumb to an unfortunate Ghast attack if they are fully equipped in armor crafted from these gleaming blue gems.

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