Overwatch, the highly popular team-based FPS from Blizzard, is extraordinarily fun to play. From its vivacious art style to its tactical depth, the game holds a special place in many players’ hearts. However, some nuances of the game can make it hard to master the fundamentals. Read this handy guide to learn our top tips for becoming a better Overwatch player!

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

13 Overwatch Tips for Becoming a Better Player

1. Pay Attention to Noises

Overwatch’s sound effects aren’t randomized – the game is actually designed to place a priority on enemy noises. Each character has their own special sound effect for their footsteps, and an enemy will sound louder than a teammate.  Keep an ear out for foreign languages – Hanzo and Zarya will speak in their own native language when they’re on an enemy’s team.

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

2. Use Ultimates Wisely

Ultimate attacks are the most effective tool in any player’s pocket, but they must be used with caution. Once you’ve used them up, it takes a while for the charge to build back up. So don’t waste them over a small scuffle – or worse, don’t use them if you are away from any enemies! Communicate with teammates to figure out when its best to use ultimates.

3. Fire at Anything

Don’t worry about wasting ammo – it’s unlimited. Take advantage of this by firing in the direction of any enemy. While a well-aimed shot can be satisfying, you’ll be able to protect yourself better by spraying out bullets. What’s more, if a shot nicks an enemy, your ultimate move will build charge faster. So fire away!

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

4. Stay Close to the Payload

While playing an Escort game, it might be tempting to wander away from the payload and search for kills. Don’t give in to temptation! Whether you are attacking or defending, Payload is the most crucial component of snagging a win, so stick to it.

5. Switch Between Heroes

You can switch Overwatch heroes mid-game, so take full advantage of this. Let’s say that you’re playing as Widowmaker, but your team gets into a situation in which they need a flanker. A great strategy would be to change your hero to Tracer, rather than trying to adjust Widowmaker’s behavior.

Now the enemy will be caught off guard, and they will have to adjust their own strategy. So, while playing Overwatch, be sure to analyze the situation and switch to another hero when the circumstances call for it.

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

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6. Maintain Balance in the Team

This goes hand-in-hand with Tip #5. Roles exist for a reason – ideally, you should aim to have two supports, one defensive and two offensive heroes on the team.

7. Master One Hero From Each Class

In order to obtain balance and to have the skill to switch between heroes, you should make it your goal to master at least one hero from the Support, Damage, and Tank classes. If you aren’t sure where to start, we would suggest trying out Reinhardt, Lucio, and Soldier 76. These heroes are beginner-friendly while also being quite powerful.

8. Keep It Moving

Unlike other first-person-shooter games, you can’t accomplish anything in Overwatch by camping. Your team should always stay on the move, ready to take out enemies. If you’re sniping, choose an advantageous spot, hit a few shots, and then move on – otherwise, you’re a sitting duck.

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

9. Use a Mic

If you are playing with friends, you can use Blizzard’s voice chat software to talk to them and communicate about roles, positioning, ultimate charges, and anything else that could help you bag a win. Low-end mics only cost a few bucks, and they’ll definitely do the trick.

10. Use the Melee Attack

While it’s incredibly fun to shoot weapons at your opponents, don’t forget about the melee attack! It’s fast, it does a good bit of damage, and it is more accurate in close proximity than most weapons are. So make sure to always keep this move in your back pocket.

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

11. Stick Together

If you and your teammates blindly run at the enemy one by one, you’d get picked off rather quickly. Overwatch is all about teamwork – sticking together and working as a group is much more effective than trying to fight alone. Even if you are playing as a hero that is suited to going rogue and flanking (like Reaper or Tracer, for instance), you should still coordinate with your teammates. Your frontline can distract your opponents, while you go in for the kill.

12. Take Alternate Routes

If you keep your eyes peeled during a game of Overwatch, you’ll notice multiple alternate routes tucked away that you can use to get to your objectives. If your team is stuck in a rut and getting killed again and again on a particular route, change tactics and search for an out-of-the-way path.

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

13. Take a Breather

Competitive Overwatch games are really fun, but several losses in a row can set the tone for frustration – and playing in an upset headspace is not an enjoyable experience. If you find yourself growing overwhelmed, we would recommend taking a break from a competitive mode. But this doesn’t mean you have to switch off the game!

Why don’t you give Arcade mode a try? These matches are unbalanced, chaotic, and totally fun. Whether you win or lose, Arcade games can be really stress-relieving, leaving you ready to join Competitive mode once more.


If you’ve been struggling with Overwatch competitive games, try out some of the tips we showed you. They will make a world of difference to your gameplay. Let us know what your favorite tricks were and if you have any pro tips of your own!

13 Top Overwatch Tips For Becoming A Better Player

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