For many, gaming is simply one of the means to entertain. However, in the minds of many gamers, video games can be their life or the only thing that makes them feel happy and willing to spend all their time on. Of course, too much of anything isn't good for anyone. An incident in China involves a 15-year-old boy, who had to be hospitalized for treatment and rehabilitation because of spending too much time on video games.

15 Year Old Kid Arm Paralized Playing Game 1
15-year-old boy's arm was paralyzed after spending 22 hours per day playing games for a month.

The 15-year-old boy nicknamed Xiaobin lives in Nanning City, Guangxi, China. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiaobin and other kids had a long vacation at home. However, instead of doing his homework and taking time to rest, Xiaobin spent most of the time playing video games. According to the boy's parents, there were days when Xiaobin spent up to 22 hours sitting in front of a computer screen and only 2 hours to eat, sleep, shower, and other personal activities. 

Of course, many people can blame Xiaobin's parents for not paying too much attention to him. But it's hard to say because he always explained that he used that time to study online and do online exercises. Therefore, his parents were not too bothered about their kid staying in this room and focusing on "studying" all the time. And they only found out about the truth when they saw his son passed out in his room. They had to quickly rush his son to the hospital.

‘I saw his online conversation with friends. He said he wasn't well-rested and was sleeping for at most two hours a day’, said Xiaobin’s mother.

At that point, the boy had to admit that he had lost his sensation in his left arm. After undergoing a CT scan, he was diagnosed with a cerebral stroke. Dr. Li, a brain specialist at the hospital, said it was Xiaobin’s unhealthy lifestyle of staying up late and binge-playing games that led to his current condition.

15 Year Old Kid Arm Paralized Playing Game 2
Xiaobin is still undergoing treatment in the hospital.

‘The main reason is that he had irregular sleeping and eating patterns because he wasn’t at school. The parents also tolerated his behaviors too much. A lack of nutrition and rest had led to a reduced amount of blood and oxygen in his brain and caused a cerebral stroke,’ Dr. Li said.

He is still receiving rehabilitation treatment at the hospital at the moment and whether or not Xiaobin can fully recover is still uncertain. And perhaps this is also a wake-up call for all gamers around the world. Playing games is not bad, but spending too much time on it is not really a healthy lifestyle. After all, health is everything.