Electronic Arts are just about to publish their long-awaited FIFA 20 this September 27. The game will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. There has already been a demo coming out on PS4 and Xbox One earlier this month.

FIFA 20 is the 27th iteration of EA’s famous football game series with the first game FIFA International Soccer launched back in 1993. Since then, the FIFA series has grown large and become one of the longest-standing game franchises. Let’s see what many game reviewers talked about the game.

  • Game: FIFA 20
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One
  • Developer: EA Romania, Vancouver
  • Release date: September 27
  • Price: $60 USD / £48 GBP / $87 AUD

Eurogamer – not rated

Fifa 20 Review 01
The game will add Volta mode to bring back street and outdoor football

According to Eutogamer, FIFA 20 is an upgraded version of FIFA 19. He commended the upcoming FIFA game for its fix with the pacing. In FIFA 2019, average defenders could chase after fast players, which was a disappointing feature. In FIFA 20, everything got back to their places. Overall, the reviewer has tried out the game against many players and had good fun as football lovers. However, there still exist many problems with the game especially the infamous pay-to-win mechanic EA is notorious for.

IGN – 7.8/10

Fifa 20 Review 02
However, controling the ball feels a bit harder now

According to IGN, Volta is a great addition to FIFA 20. While it has yet to improve, the mode is enjoyable for its wealth of content with a story mode even more appealing than The Journey. Though the core game of FIFA 20 has improved a lot, the aspect of controlling the ball feels less consistent. For those who are uninterested in Volta, the FIFA 20 seems underwhelming as the next iteration of the series.

USGamer – 4/5

Fifa 20 Review 03
FIFA 20 can be a good choice for both old and new players

FIFA 20 brings back the old Street series with a new mode including futsal and street soccer. They did so with great effort and details to the gameplay. FIFA 20 also add more updates to Career Mode and FIFA Ultimate Team. The long-awaited FIFA 20 this year can be a good recommendation for both old fans as well as new players.

VideoGamesChronicle – 4/5

Fifa 20 Review 04
Volta mode can offer a fresh experience but may take too much of your time

With Volta added to a variety of modes already available in FIFA, plays will have a hard time choosing which mode to invest their time in. While Volta brings up a new way of playing the game, investing time on the mode means that you will have less left to spend on FUT which yields more EXP to reach new rewards. So, if you aim at playing only one or two modes, FIFA 20 is a good choice.

Overall, many reviews still give positive ratings for FIFA 20 with the Volta mode added to the game. There still exist many things to fix and improve, yet FIFA 20 is well worth the long wait.