Have you ever wondered why Grand Theft Auto, or GTA is such a popular game series in both India and the world? In this article, we would explore the various games in the series to figure out why they are so loved by generations of Gamers.

1 – The immersive open-world

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The world of GTA is huge - it might take a lot of time for you to complete exploring it

The biggest reason behind the success of the GTA franchise in India is the games’ big open worlds. From Vice City to Los Santos, you can freely explore the game immediately after starting. You can either follow the story of the game, making money doing jobs, or just laze around harassing NPCs with guns and vehicles. The settings of the games are also rather special – from Vice City to 5, most of the games are in an American City, which is somewhat of an exciting culture shock for the usual Indian gamer.

2 – References to Indian culture and people

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There are a lot of references of Indian Culture scattered inside the game

Indians are featured pretty frequently in GTA games – there are Indian taxi drivers, convenience store owners, or even Indian gangs (the Hare Krishna in GTA & GTA II). Finding some small references to Indian culture here and there is pretty exciting. If you are into modding, it is also possible to try out an Indian mod for San Andreas.

3 – The endless amount of content

GTA maps are huge with a lot of interest points

GTA games have amazing replayability due to their sheer size and mod-friendliness. Along with the official DLCs and updates for GTA Online, there is just so much content for you to try out. With GTA 5 getting given away for free on the Epic Games Store recently, if you have gotten a copy, trying out GTA Online is a must.

4 – The freedom to be anything

Heists in the game are designed pretty faithfully

You are free to do anything whatever you like in this life-sim game. Besides the main missions, players have the freedom to control their own gameplay experience however they see fit. No two sessions of GTA are ever the same. You can be anything – from an evil gangster who kills everyone in his way to a simple guy made money by doing an honest job…

5 – Cars, Houses and Vehicles

You probably can't buy these cars IRL - the only way to enjoy driving them is in GTA

GTA, especially the latest game, is super attractive to collectors. There are just so many cars and vehicles in the game for you to collect and try out. As not many of us would be able to afford a real-life BMW or Bugatti, the in-game version might serve as a good distraction.

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