The excitement of triumphing over adversaries in a war-themed game brings immense joy to those who relish strategic challenges. Gamers tap into their inner Alexander the Great, striving to outlast all opponents through a grueling series of battles spanning different eras of human history. Sid Meier's Civilization series has been a prominent figure in the realm of grand strategy games, and Civilization 7 aims to carry on the successful legacy of Firaxis as the demand for such titles continues to surge. While Civilization 7 is still in the process of being developed, enthusiasts of this genre can explore alternative classic games to satisfy their appetite for conquest. There are seven notable grand strategy titles that are worth considering while eagerly anticipating the forthcoming Civilization installment.

The realm of strategy games is rich and diverse, especially propelled by the genre's popularity surge following hit TV series like Game of Thrones and House of The Dragon. These shows showcased various tactics involving armies, alliances, and resources to vie for control over coveted thrones. Throughout history, strategic gaming has made a significant impact, with titles like Rise of Nations, Sudden Strike, and Age of Empires capturing the affections of players. As Civilization 7 gets ready to introduce a new wave of gamers, other games can step up to provide entertainment in the interim.

Civilization 6

The latest addition to the primary Civilization game series, Civilization 6, received a wave of praise and quickly climbed to the pinnacle of rankings among strategy games when it was launched. Introducing as many as six distinct conditions for victory and an array of fresh leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Ramses through the Civilization 6 Leader Pass, Firaxis captivated its player base by combining novel concepts with the familiar turn-based gameplay that the series is known for. Even prior to any expansions, Civilization 6 was already hailed as one of the most comprehensive iterations in the franchise, earning a prominent place within the strategy gaming community. Civilization 7 faces the formidable task of living up to these high standards.

Desktop Wallpaper Sid Meier S Civilization 6 Gathe
Civilization 6

Crusader Kings 3

An already widely acknowledged series, Crusader Kings solidified its standing with its third iteration. While Crusader Kings 2 received respectable reviews from notable reviewers, Crusader Kings 3 emerged as one of the highest-rated games of 2020. The game intricately weaves together political and personal elements to depict the various aspects of royal life, encompassing both favorable and unfavorable scenarios. Players' interactions with neighboring realms dictate whether an entire region becomes a scene of conflict or enjoys the rewards of prosperity, emphasizing interpersonal dynamics over technological progress and other intangible factors.

Total War: Warhammer 2

The Total War franchise has experienced substantial achievements throughout its history, and the introduction of Warhammer 2 in 2017 elevated its success further. This installment incorporated intelligent AI for battles, presenting a formidable test for players' skills. Each faction participating in the grand struggle possessed distinctive characteristics; whether it was the fiercely independent Lizardmen or the highly organized armies of the High Elves, each had its own distinct traits. This wide array of gameplay styles swiftly established Warhammer 2 as a beloved choice within the strategy gaming sphere.

Total War Warhammer Ii
Total War: Warhammer 2

Victoria 3

Earlier releases of the Victoria series had built a reputation for their intricate, albeit occasionally perplexing, mechanics. Victoria 3 introduced various concealed elements that posed initial challenges for players. Nevertheless, the seamless integration of political and economic aspects is too compelling to overlook. Despite the numerous puzzling elements it encompasses, Victoria 3 achieved remarkable sales figures, ranking among Paradox's top performers.

Hearts of Iron 4

Games centered around World War 2 hold a significant place within the FPS genre, allowing players to immerse themselves in the reenactment of one of the most devastating conflicts in human history. Hearts of Iron 4 caters to enthusiasts of warfare, demanding extensive time investment to grasp its economic intricacies and optimize division arrangement for the creation of an optimal military force. Encompassing a notably expansive map representing the Earth before 1936, the game presents numerous variables to evaluate prior to troop movements, resulting in a sophisticated and multi-dimensional gameplay encounter.

Hearts Of Iron 4 Gameplay
Hearts of Iron 4

Imperator: Rome

Exploring the origins of the Roman Empire isn't a common theme in gaming, mainly due to its intricate historical background. Nevertheless, Imperator: Rome stands out as one of the limited endeavors in this direction. Featuring a sandbox gameplay style akin to Europa Universalis 4, this real-time historical strategy game draws inspiration from other titles by Paradox, such as Crusader Kings. Its intricacy poses a satisfying test for enthusiasts of Civilization, offering a level of complexity that matches their preferences.

Endless Space 2

Distinguishing itself in the realm of 4X turn-based gaming, Endless Space 2 places significant emphasis on distinct faction traits. What sets it apart even further is its unique expansion mechanism, which intricately links every facet of gameplay to a core concept. Catering to those who enjoy space exploration and a variety of victory paths, Endless Space 2 serves as a commendable alternative for individuals seeking a comparable experience to Civilization 7.

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