Using multiple story routes is a commonly employed strategy in promoting narrative-focused games. Often, these paths are excessively hyped as complex choices carrying significant weight, but in reality, they tend to be superficial, lacking meaningful repercussions, particularly regarding the main storyline.

Nevertheless, numerous games, both contemporary and classic, incorporate diverse branching paths, not only in the finer gameplay details but also in the overarching narrative. Merging these divergent paths with authentic player decisions and autonomy is a considerable challenge. Games that effectively integrate even just two concurrent paths can provide gratifying encounters. However, it's important to note that the extent of branching paths varies across different games.

Baldur's Gate 3

Crafted by the developers behind Divinity: Original Sin 2, this RPG driven by storytelling and centered around a group of adventurers offers tactical turn-based battles. It presents an overwhelmingly rich array of options for players at every juncture, all within the beloved Dungeons & Dragons realm.

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Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 has captured significant attention due to its remarkable degree of player autonomy and selection. This commences with the comprehensive design of characters and extends throughout the intricate and multifaceted storyline. In addition, the game's multiple conclusions and the interplay between character creation and gameplay dynamics contribute to its status as a highly replayable venture.

Detroit: Become Human

Positioned within the science fiction genre, this narrative-centered game places significant emphasis on substantial choices capable of profoundly altering its diverse storyline. It permits players to command three distinct android characters designed to serve humanity.

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Detroit: Become Human

The choices presented to players wield the potential to influence not only the trio of protagonists but also the destiny of Detroit, the game's backdrop. Several of these choices hold the power to determine the survival or demise of the in-game protagonists, while a majority revolve around ethical quandaries. The cumulative impact of these decisions weaves into the game's intricate narrative branches, offering players the opportunity to progress toward any of the multiple distinct conclusions the game provides.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings

As the sequel to CD Projekt Red's Witcher saga, The Witcher 2 stands as a third-person action RPG characterized by its smooth, ever-changing combat system and an intricate, non-linear storyline unfolding in an unconventional and frequently somber fantasy realm.

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The fame of The Witcher 2 arises from its incorporation of player decisions that wield substantial influence over the game's realm and even the primary quest, thereby bestowing tangible outcomes upon player choices. The game's meticulous focus on intricately diverging routes and potential outcomes adds to its status as an exceedingly replay-friendly RPG.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn presents an exceptionally refined storytelling venture, enriched by the participation of seasoned actors. This title unveils a gripping and harrowing slasher-horror narrative within a wintry mountain backdrop, introducing genuinely terrifying entities and heart-pounding instances throughout the journey.

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Until Dawn

Within Until Dawn, the destiny of each in-game character hangs in the balance, their survival contingent upon the decisions players opt for. While the core storyline remains relatively consistent, attaining the culmination of the game with the largest possible roster of characters intact offers a gratifying accomplishment, necessitating well-considered decisions. Numerous actions within Until Dawn carry the potential for fatal ramifications.


Created by Obsidian Entertainment, this RPG places its focus on narrative depth, celebrating impactful player decisions capable of molding the surrounding universe. The setting is a fantasy realm subjected to despotic rulers, initially aligned with the player's objectives.

Within the game, diverse routes unfold, populated by non-player characters and quests where player choices bear genuine significance. Tyranny also introduces real-time-with-pause combat, featuring party-oriented mechanics that infuse a substantial degree of dynamism into the gameplay.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 stands as an expansive RPG of the action-adventure genre, unfolding within a futuristic and bleak science fiction world. Developed by CD Projekt Red, the game underwent a challenging initial release characterized by numerous glitches and performance complications. Nonetheless, the developers have subsequently rectified these issues, rendering Night City a destination of merit.

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

While certain players expressed dissatisfaction regarding the scarcity of divergent trajectories in Cyberpunk 2077, a selection of its quests, along with the overarching narrative, does present multiple branches for players to navigate. Yet, within this framework, the game's emphasis on player decision-making varies, with some choices carrying more weight than others.

Front Mission 3

In this tactical RPG, players command a team of mechs and their pilots in battles governed by turn-based mechanics. These clashes are interspersed with dialogues in a visual-novel style and complemented by a few impressive cinematic sequences. Originally launched in Japan in 1999 on the PlayStation, the game achieved a broader release a year later. It's unfortunate, however, that as of the current moment, an official PC version of the game is unavailable.

What truly distinguishes Front Mission 3 is a pivotal decision players make at the game's outset, dictating the course of the narrative they'll follow. While the game doesn't boast an abundance of narrative divergences, the choice made at the beginning carries such substantial weight that it merits inclusion on this list. The choice itself is seemingly straightforward—selecting a party member—yet it leads players down one of two distinct storylines, each featuring its own unique locations. This decision substantially alters the game's trajectory and narrative, contributing to its exceptional appeal.

The Age Of Decadence

Set within a post-apocalyptic realm of fantasy, this RPG governed by turn-based mechanics offers an extensive array of impactful abilities, abundant player decisions with ensuing outcomes, and numerous avenues to approach the game's quests.

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The Age Of Decadence

The Age Of Decadence presents a comprehensive narrative conveyed through interconnected quests, coupled with demanding turn-based combat. While the game contains a substantial amount of text and heavily relies on dialogue, this feature might discourage certain players. Nonetheless, for those unperturbed by extensive reading, The Age Of Decadence stands as an immensely replayable title.

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