In Minecraft, encountering hostile mobs is a common occurrence. From the iconic explosive creepers to the menacing Pillager armies, the game presents various threats. Among them, Pillagers stand out as intriguing, aggressive, and deeply rooted in the game's lore.

Players must be well-informed before facing Pillagers due to their diverse types, each equipped with unique weapons, yet all equally hostile. Understanding these enemies is essential, as awareness plays a significant role in overcoming the danger they pose in Minecraft.

1. Villager Rewards

Villagers strongly desire peace, yet Pillagers excel at disrupting their tranquility. When players aid in repelling a raid and ensure the safety of the Villagers, a joyful celebration ensues, marked by fireworks and cheerful sounds.

Minecraft Villagers
Villager Rewards

This victory celebration not only brings joy to the Villagers but can also result in them offering emeralds or, more significantly, lowering the prices of their traded items. Engaging in raids can serve as an effective method to persuade Villagers to decrease the excessively high prices of their goods.

2. Secret Illusioner Mob

A hostile mob that has not yet been officially introduced to both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions without the use of commands is the Illusioner. This Illager mob is present in the game's files but has not been fully implemented into the actual gameplay. Java players can summon the Illusioner using commands, although the mob's development is not yet complete.

Illusioner Minecraft
Illusioner Mob

The Illusioner has a distinctive appearance, resembling someone in stylish pajamas, and possesses the ability to cast spells and use a bow. Its spells include creating decoys and causing a blindness effect for the player, all while attacking with a bow and arrows.

3. Allay Captives

The Allay stands out as a fascinating passive creature in Minecraft. Apart from their enchanting "fairy-like" appearance, what sets them apart is their ability to collect and deliver items based on what the player gives them to search for. This unique trait makes Allays valuable companions. But the question remains: how can players encounter Allays in the Minecraft world?

Pillage Outposts

Similar to Iron Golems, Allays spawn trapped inside wooden cages around Pillager Outposts. Each cage can contain up to three Allays - just break the structure to let them escape. Afterward, they wander around to find dropped items.

Players might want to deal with the pillagers first before getting the Allays, as they are fairly dangerous in number.

Allay In Game 1200x675
Imprisoned Allays in a cage.

Woodland Mansions

Players can find cage rooms on the ground floor of Woodland Mansions, which contain 4 cobblestone cages, each with 3 Allays trapped in them. Players can use the lever nearby to open the doors and free all of them. This means finding a mansion is the fastest way to get a big number of Allay all at once.

Just be careful when exploring mansions, as they are home to dangerous hostile mobs, including zombies, creepers, vindicators, pillagers... etc.

4. Curing Bad Omen

At times, Pillagers can be a significant nuisance for players, especially when they simply want to trade with neighboring villagers. However, the troublesome Bad Omen effect inflicted upon the player can be remedied without losing their life. By obtaining an empty bucket and drinking milk from a cow, players can cure the Bad Omen status.

Bad Omen
Bad Omen

This cure proves invaluable in Minecraft, allowing players to prevent the impending raid that could jeopardize both their own lives and the safety of the innocent villagers going about their daily routines.

5. Woodland Mansions

In addition to facing Raids, Outposts, and Patrols, players encounter Illagers and Pillagers in one of Minecraft's rarest naturally occurring structures: the Woodland Mansion. These mansions are exceptionally scarce, mainly because they serve as the dwelling places for Illagers. Engaging them directly poses significant risks, yet the challenge proves highly rewarding due to the valuable loot and the excitement it brings in this unique biome.

Woodland Mansion
Woodland Mansions

For players wondering how to locate a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft, the answer can be elusive. Finding these mansions largely depends on luck, or alternatively, acquiring a Woodland Explorer Map from a Cartographer Villager. These maps provide the adventurous experience that players are seeking.

6. Totems Of Undying

Evokers might pose a threat, but they occasionally yield a valuable reward. These hostile mobs have a chance to drop Totems of Undying, a rare and significant item in Minecraft. Unlike other items, Totems of Undying cannot be crafted; they can only be obtained through exploration and facing dangers. The rarity of this item adds to its allure, as it grants players the ability to evade death.

Totem Of Undying
Totems Of Undying

When held in the off-hand instead of a shield, the Totem of Undying provides players with Absorption 2, Regeneration 2, and Fire Resistance 1 effects. In the face of fatal damage, the Totem of Undying will be consumed, saving the player from certain death.

7. Illager Types

Players need to be aware that Pillagers are not the sole threat in the Minecraft world. Pillagers, armed with crossbows, have formidable allies that aid them in Raids, Patrols, and Woodland Mansions. Apart from Pillagers, there are Vindicators, hostile Illagers wielding Iron Axes, and Evokers and Illagers capable of casting damaging spells against the player.


Additionally, the classic Witch occasionally joins these encounters, hurling splash potions that cause damage. However, the most perilous Illager ally is the Ravager, a powerful Illager beast dealing substantial damage and moving at high speeds. To stay safe, players should keep themselves out of reach from these menacing foes.

8. How To Start A Raid

Raid events are a significant inclusion in Minecraft, introducing a focus on combat and heroism. During Raids, Villagers come under attack from Pillagers, and players are tasked with safeguarding these vulnerable inhabitants by eliminating all the hostile Pillagers. However, players might wonder how to initiate a Raid in Minecraft.

Ravager In Minecraft 1 1024x576
A Raid

To start a Raid, players need to locate a Pillager Captain, identifiable by the distinctive banner they carry on their backs. Defeating the captain bestows the Bad Omen effect, signaling that the next Village visited will be subjected to a perilous Pillager Raid.

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