Copper will have a great update in Minecraft 1.21 with many new copper blocks. What is copper used for in Minecraft? Let's check out the top uses of this material in 2023 before Update 1.21 comes out.

How To Use Copper
Copper has a lot of applications in Minecraft.

#1. Construction & Decoration

The first and best use of copper blocks is for construction. There are lots of building ideas with copper blocks, such as statues, bridges, stairs, etc. Moreover, copper blocks have four stages of oxidation with four different colors, including:

  • Normal block - brown color;
  • Exposed - brown color with green spots;
  • Weathered - green color with brown spots;
  • Oxidized - green color.

You can block your desired color by waxing the block with honeycomb for decoration. For example, you can mix these copper blocks to build a colorful copper wall or even create an impressive painting from these colors.

Copper House Ideas
There are many house ideas with copper blocks in Minecraft.

#2. Copper Ingots

A great use of copper ore is creating copper ingots. Experienced Minecrafters agree that copper ingot is an essential crafting material in many recipes. Smelt the copper ore in the furnace with any smelting fuel you have to get copper ingots for various crafting recipes. You can also craft copper blocks from these copper ingots.

Copper Ingot
You can smelt copper ingots from copper ores to craft many useful items.

#3. Spyglass

You must have two copper ingots and one amethyst shard to craft a spyglass. This is a helpful tool that lets users zoom out and focus on a point of view. You can see distant objects clearly when using this device. So, having a spyglass supports your farming work and exploration trips in this game. Sometimes, it's useful for survival in the wilderness.

Make Spyglass
Make a spyglass for distant viewing.

#4. Lightning Rod

The lightning rod is a defensive device in Minecraft. It's purely made from copper. Put three copper ingots in a vertical row on the crafting table to get one lightning rod. Then, move it to your inventory to use when building houses, especially when using flammable materials like wood.

Place a lightning rod on the top of your wooden house to remove damage from the lightning strike. It helps protect your house from lightning and related accidents, such as fire.

Minecraft Lightning Rod
Craft lightning rods to protect your houses and structures from getting fire during lightning strikes.

#5. Charged Creeper Farm

The copper lightning rod is useful in the Charged Creeper farm. When a Creeper is hit by lightning, it will create a charged creeper. You can apply this mechanic of the game to create a charged creeper farm.

The charged creeper is more devastating than the normal creeper. You can place some lightning rods on the top of your creeper farm to create a charged mob for more powerful explosions.

Charge Creepers
Use copper lightning rods to charge creeper mobs.

In brief, copper is a useful material for crafting and building in Minecraft. Let's go to dripstone cave biomes to farm as many copper ores as possible for these purposes.

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