Recently, there has been plenty of outstanding feats achieved by streamers. First, we got a guy that took zero hit and still beat Soulsborne games. Then there was someone in Kingdom Hearts 3 that reached lvl 99 without even leaving the first world. Finally, Rudeism is here with us to prolong the list. The streamer succeeded in finishing the whole Super Mario 64 game with one single button in use. Yes, ONE! You heard it right. Here’s how he did it, you’ve got to see for yourself to actually believe it.

Rudeism and his outstanding feats

People have lost words seeing his gameplay and so did we. According to some Redditors in his post, Rudeism was the same guy to finish Dark Souls with just a frying pan. Also, there were some Redditors who started to theorize Mario’s movements through the button controls. Apparently, the duration when tapping the button matters! Either the tap is long or short, the button sends signals to mimic a controller and controls Mario.

Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 is a 1996 platform video game for the Nintendo 64, and the first to feature 3D gameplay.

Button mechanics explained

Thankfully, Rudeism did explain the mechanics on how the button works. He controlled Mario’s movement using two to three button sequences. Rudeism revealed that by making a new movement, it’ll overwrite the last one. On the other hand, entering the same direction will stop Mario from moving.

According to Rudeism, most inputs include only one button, like A, B, Z, etc. However, he made some small macros, for example to make Mario spin. He said that it’s impossible to make Mario spin Bowser quick enough with just single inputs.

Overall, there you go Mario gamers. It’s quite simple and not too hard to pull off, right? If such an amazing achievement made you crave for some Nintendo games, it’s time to look out for some great Switch games to play right now, isn’t it?