Decay of Logos is an action RPG game developed by Amplify Creations. The game tells a story about a girl who is seeking revenge for her destroyed village. She travels along with her mystical elk companion across the land to find clues about the one who responsible for this tragedy. You can check out the trailer of the game below.

Decay of Logos is set in a semi-open world, in a divided kingdom, where a tragedy happened to the King's family. The Queen gave away her life to give birth to her child, which tore the royal family apart. Since then, each of the King's son ruled a part of the land.

The game is set in a divided kingdom

The game features third-person combat with various kinds of weapons, each has unique move sets, combos, abilities and a high risk-reward battle system. However, don't expect the game to guide you everything as the developer wants to emphasis on player exploration aspect. Take advantage of your surroundings to parry, dodge, and counter-attack. Always try to keep your stamina in check while you are giving the enemy some serious hits and combos.

Decay Of Logos Fire
Use different kinds of weapons for different kinds of enemies

Each enemy will have different strengths and weaknesses so be prepare before each combat by swapping items that fit the situation. Your companion will give you a secondary inventory to store more situational items.

The elk goes with you is more than just a mount as it has its own will and only let you ride it once your bond is strong enough.

You will have to treat your companion as your best friend

Decay of Logos will be released for PS4 on August 27. The Nintendo Switch version will arrive on August 29 and the Xbox One and PC (Steam) version will follow on August 30.