Journey to the world of Aellion

According to Luke O’Donoghue - Game Production Company Director, the number of cooperative adventure games at the moment is low. He wondered why there was a lack of adventure games that allowed players to explore dungeons or climb mountains with their friends. Therefore, it motivated him to develop an adventure game called Adventure in Aellion.

Adventure in Aellion
Go on an adventure in Aellion to bring peace to the land

An interesting adventure game
An interesting adventure game

Being an open-world RPG, the game allows you to explore a mysterious world, going through many puzzles and tackling challenging tasks. The game also hides a mystery for you to uncover, which is a terror of all creatures. In general, the game contains an interesting story, special abilities of the character and tough challenges that you must overcome. These experiences will make you excited if you are a fan of this game genre.

Adventure in Aeliion - an open-world RPG
Adventure in Aeliion - an open-world RPG

Adventure In Aellion is coming next year

Most adventure games offer singleplayer. However, this game has made a difference when it also allows players to team up with each other and go on missions. Hence, this has made many players excited and looking forward to the launch of the game. The team-up will help you perform tasks easier in the process of bringing peace to the Aellion land.

Team-up in the game
Team-up with your friends in the game to complete missions

Notably, an event that may interest you will take place this October. EGX London will take place on 17th - 20th October. Here, you will meet the game's developers and can even experience the beta version of the game.

Adventure in Aellion is expected to be available on PC on February 28, 2020. You will be able to get the game through Steam Early Access. Your trials are waiting for you.