Three months ago, we have announced you about the coming of the second installment of the AeternoBlade series. However, at that time, the publisher only revealed a little bit about the supported platforms as well as the release window of the game.

But today, we finally have an exact release date of AeternoBlade II. Taking this occasion, the developer also gave us a new trailer that shows some main elements of the game. And believe me, it's beautiful!

You can see the trailer below:

What's new in this trailer?

In our previous articles, we've given you a brief overview of the game's story and gameplay. Basically, AeternoBlade II will tell another story of the main heroine of the series - Freyja. This time, the world is under the threat of the Dark Abyss. It's a destructive calamity that consumes reality material, bringing the world into nullity.

Aeternoblade Ii Released New Trailer Showcasing Co
The Dark Abyss is threatening to swallow the land's reality

In order to stop the Dark Abyss from expanding, the Lord of Time has dropped 3 time-controling weapons - the AeternoBlades among dimensions. Freyja will take on this journey of the world's savior, and she's not alone this time. On her way, she'll meet two courage and ambitious men - Felix and Bernard. The fearless trio will unravel this mystery.

Aeternoblade Ii Released New Trailer Showcasing Co
Freyja is back in action with two newcomers - Felix and Bernard

The trailer doesn't showcase anything new about the story. However, it emphasizes a lot of new things about the gameplay of AeternoBlade II. To be more specific, the game will feature adventure elements through both 2D side-scrolling and 3D platforming. From there, you can interact with the environment, as well as using your Time Blink ability to solve some puzzles.

Aeternoblade Ii Released New Trailer Showcasing Co
Interact with the environment to solve puzzles in both 2D and 3D

Furthermore, the combats also take place in both 2D and 3D as well. Passing normal monsters mainly happen through 2D hack-n-slash, as you can slice them down with deadly combos in fast-paced combats. However, when it comes to huge bosses, you will have to deal with them in 3D to make it truly epic.

Aeternoblade Ii Released New Trailer Showcasing Co
Fighting bosses in 3D brings a much better experience

Last but not least, the trailer also shows the upgrades you can make through the game. There are six stats that you can upgrade, including HP, MP, ATK, MND, LUCK, and B.SPD.

Aeternoblade Ii Released New Trailer Showcasing Co
The game will show which stats demonstrate, so don't worry!

Additionally, you can learn new abilities through grinding, which makes your journey even more extraordinary!

AeternoBlade II gets an official release date?

Finally, PQube and Corecell Technology decided to give us a specific release date of AeternoBlade II. It's coming out for PS4, Xbox One and Switch on October 11.

Hopefully, the developer is ready to unchain this gorgeous action-puzzle platformer, and there will be no delay!