An Apex Legends player from G2 Esports has recently shared a discovered bug onscreen which would allegedly let players activate the inbuilt cheat functions, like wall-hacking, which are supposedly locked behind a command we usually find in online games called sv_cheats.

Csgo Wallhack Exploit Workaround
Exploit that gives players vision through walls

What is the function of sv_cheats 1?

Although all sorts of wall-hacking or any other modification to the basic rules of the game is completely banned during matchmaking, CS:GO still has a list of “cheat codes” which are programmed into the game. These codes activate settings such as unlimited vision, ability to track grenades' trajectory and unlimited-ammo.

Players can turn this cheat on and off with the command "sv_cheats". However, it is only meant to be enabled during private matches, since the devs' intention while creating it is to it use in custom modes as well as practice tools.

How to use this exploit?

Although the devs meant to get these “cheat” functions under the cover of the command "sv_cheats", which makes it inaccessible in game modes such as deathmatch, casual or competitive. There seems to be a kind of exploit which let players turn these cheat functions on without enabling the sv_cheats demand.
The identifier of the exploit speculates that the similar method could also be used to make more complicated alterations in the game, for example, implementing a timebomb or making a customized UI.

It is not completely clear whether Anti-Cheat system of Valve could catch this exploit or not, there still are chances that since it is technically property of CS:GO, this cheating method could remain undetected, or at least for the time being.

Vertigo Csgo
Vertigo in CS:GO.

Consequently, the “cheat code” has obviously become possible when the game was upgraded to another version - Panorama UI. This development happened in last year’s June; however this exploit appears to have only been discovered very recently.

Recently, Valve have been made to give responses to a serious patch to a situation of lobby exploit which let other players enable the mentioned cheats during a game, which the former professional ‘krL’ (Sébastien Pérez) surprisedly encountered while streaming.

Since the new exploit appeared to be identified a lot more recent than the last time, it looks like another fix might be required so as to stop players cheating this way. Regarding how soon Valve took action to deal with the last issue, we can hope that a new update which addresses this issue is on its way.