According to many Apex Legends players, the Legend Bonus cap from Season One Battle Pass seemed to double this afternoon.

Previously, players would earn up to 25,000 Points for each legend they played. Apparently, the figure has shifted up to 50,000, or at least appeared like so because of a potential visual glitch. Such bonus would immediately turn back to 25,000 once players finished the current match, seemingly failed to put that exact match into calculation for the Legend Bonus.

Apex Legends
Concept Art - Mirage, the Holographic Trickster of Apex Legends

Regarding this, we conducted some tests and found that the cap was sitting at 50,000. The surplus points are available to players after restarting Apex Legends, thus granting them points beyond the 25,000 cap.

At the beginning, Respawn Entertainment mentioned that they would reset character bonus every week. Therefore, players are able to earn another 25,000 even if they reached the bonus cap previously.

Meanwhile, as spotted today, another glitch was found when the system seemed to add 25,000 more bonus points to the cap rather than resetting it. The whole thing really confused players, having neither a proper cap reset nor a correct cap increase.

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Legend Bonus Tab: showing all bonus points available to earn from all legends.

The leveling system

Respawn Entertainment finally released their Apex Legends Season One Battle Pass on Mar 19th. Players have had some ideas on how the points systems work as well as how to quickly progress faster. There has been a thread on Reddit where someone posted a picture of ways to level up faster.

Players can gain additional Battle Points just by surviving, and once they reach the bonus cap, they can no longer do. However, it is possible to switch to another legend and start over until they reach the cap for that character.

Respawn Entertainment hasn’t responded to the situation just yet. We shall see if they will in the near future.