Recently, Apex legend has become the name mentioned a lot in the gamer’s world. It is perhaps of the coordination between Apex Legend and Twitch Prime. Together, they offer users an exclusive combo including a Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and five Apex packs. Each pack has three features, categorizing from weapons to cosmetics or material to craft. In fact, players have to pay or level up to get the packs. But now, they are free.


The exclusive loot

As the goal is to get people to sign up Twitch Prime (although you have a chance to get trial before officially have the account), players only get the prizes when they have linked their EA accounts used for Apex Legends and their newly signed up Twitch Prime account. The required action is very easy, just clicking on the royal symbol beside the user’s visible status on Twitch, then taking the “Learn more” option to reach a set of guidelines.


A Pathfinder skin

This is not the first time Twitch Prime using this strategy. They used to have a partnership with games such as Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Such service awards players with additional benefits and a non-payment subscription for one channel each month.

However, there is a situation: players can get rewards without linking their accounts. So even non – Twitch Prime members can have the package. Due to Reddit’s explanation, players come to the Origin, open the settings that are previously applied and finally, type “+twitch_prime_linked 1”. Isn’t it so simple?

It has not seen any efforts from EA to prevent these stealing motives. For the time being, probably most users will try the trick to get the goods without signing for Twitch Prime membership. Soon or late, the fraud will be shut down.

In terms of players who still follow the guidelines, simultaneously having EA accounts and Twitch accounts, they have their chances for free loots until April 18. Because it is the end-date of the promotion.