Apex Legends sets itself from other Battle Royale games on the market with intense action-packed gameplay and a dynamic character system. The game's success came as a total surprise to both the developers and players alike. Now, 10 Seasons later, Apex Legends is still going strong with its latest port to the popular game distribution platform Steam.

We're approaching the release date of the game's next update. Here's what's coming in Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence.

New Legend: Seer

The characters, called "Legends", are what make Apex Legends unique. With every new season, the game introduces a new legend right from its release. Season 10: Emergence will be featuring Seer, whose backstory is filled with mystery.

Apex Legends Ss10 Seer
Seer is the next Legend to join the game's roster.

Decimated World’s Edge

So far, Apex Legends has released three original Battle Royale maps: King’s Canyon, World’s End, and Olympus. However, these maps come in different variants every season. This time, in the Season 10 of the game, Electronic Arts is bringing back the World’s End map in a decimated state.

Apex Legends Ss10 Worlds Edge
We're getting World's Edge back!

New weapon: Rampage LMG

This new weapon was featured previously in the Season 8 Mayhem dev stream. However, it was not ready for release until now. The gun is designed by our one and only Rampage, hence the name. The Rampage LMG stats haven't been revealed yet.

Apex Legends Ss10 Ramage Lmg
Take a look at the Rampage LMG.

Ranked Arenas

The Arena mode debuted last Season and it was an instant hit. Players loved it so much that Apex Legends is introducing a ranked variant of it. Two teams of three will fight each other in multiple rounds. Season 9 was also the time when players discovered that they can abuse a glitch to teleport around the map.

Apex Legends Ss10 Ranked Arenas
Gather your squad, it's time for Ranked Arenas.

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence Release Date 

Apex Legends Season 10: Emergence is launching on August 3rd, 2021, and is expected to last until November 2nd, 2021. It will be immediately available on all platforms of the game right after the release.

Apex Legends Ss10 release date
Season 10 is coming this August.

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