Apex Legends Season 9 has recently kicked off, and unexpected, it came with a fair share of glitches and bugs. Though this may seem like a problem, some players choose to see it another way. They exploit the glitches and bugs to their own advantage in fights. Here's how you too can take this opportunity to abuse the emote glitch in Apex Legends.

The Emote Glitch in Apex Legends Season 9

As in other games, emotes allow players to perform certain actions in Apex Legends. However, in the current Season 9 of the game, you can use them to make plays as well. A video has recently gone viral, showing off a neat way of using the emote.

Apex Legends Pathfinder
You can use the emote glitch to get you out of a sticky situation.

So apparently, by using the emote, players can just teleport around the map without any costs. When you think of a fast-paced game like Apex Legends that emphasizes quick and smart movement, this glitch is broken!

How to Use Emote Glitches in Apex Legends Season 9?

A Reddit user by the name of VelspyCaustic posted a clip of him playing his main Legend - Caustic. Interestingly, he uses an emote that allowed him to glitch and move across the map. The video below also shows how you can easily replicate the trick. This video went viral immediately, and EA will definitely take a look at it very soon, if not right now.

Here's how to activate the glitch:

  1. Open the radial menu
  2. Jump forward holding W and Spacebar together
  3. Select the emote

Note: This glitch will not work on Apex Legends Mobile which will release in India in October 2021.

Further Exploit The Emote Glitch With Octane

Other Apex players on Reddit immediately pointed to Octane as the best Legend to exploit the emote glitch. By combining this glitch with his jump pad, you can cover a lot of grounds in a blink of an eye. You have 2 jumps from the jump pad, then just teleport around like crazy.

Octane is the best Legend to exploit the glitch

On top of that, if you ever fail to perform the glitch, you can always rely on the movement speed buff from Octane's Q to safely getaway. But we do recommend you trying the glitch out on the Training Ground before bringing it to the field.

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