Since its release date of February 4th, Apex Legends has been a huge hit for the gaming community. As an inevitable result, we have witnessed a lot of interesting surprises from the community for the game. And just hours ago, an Apex Legends player found out a huge bug in the game that can enable Pathfinder character to literally climb up the wall, using his tactical skill grappling hook.

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Pathfinder's grappling hook

Pathfinder is a cute character in Apex Legends. He is a happy robot with good skills to reposition in a close range. With the ability to shoot out grappling hooks and ziplines, it is not something too surprising if he appears in the next sequel of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (this animation movie just won the 2018 Oscar for best animation film).

Pathfinder R291
Pathfinder always shows possitivity

Pathfinder’s tactical ability Grappling Hook is at first intended to give him the ability to regain position in a close range. You can use the skill to gain height advantage (which is crucial in a fight) or to help you quickly move toward the important locations around the map. But apparently, that’s not everything. Scathropi – a Reddit user and an Apex Legends player – just post on his Reddit account a clip showing that you can vertically climb a wall with Pathfinder.

In the clip, he played Pathfinder and he climbed the wall in the game by doing a combination of action in correct order and timing. He stood up against the wall, looked straight up and then he kept spamming the grappling hooks. By doing this, he slowly inched up the wall each time a grappling hook shot. This is a great trick since you can have quite a huge height advantage against your enemies. With unsuspecting enemies, they would not look up too much so this height advantage will give you great chances to eliminate them. Even more, this bug can enable you to climb up to some positions that originally not possible to get to.

Since February 4th, Respawn Entertainment has issued numerous patch to fix Apex Legends, some are even hotfixes. With this bug, it is highly likely that Respawn Entertainment will have a patch for it soon. But before the patch is officially released, let’s show your enemies what you Pathfinder can do.