Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, returns in Hades 2 with a new look, a bit different from her first appearance in the original Hades game. She offers numerous powerful boons to Melinoë, aiding her in battles throughout the game.

Aphrodite In Hades 2
Aphrodite in Hades 2 offers numerous powerful boons to Melinoë.

Aphrodite’s boons primarily focus on reducing the damage Melinoë takes by inflicting Weak, boosting Melinoë’s attack and special damage, and restoring her health points. In this article, Gurugamer.com would like to bring you a list of the best 10 Aphrodite Boons in Hades 2, let’s check out.

1. Rapture Ring

While it's challenging to determine the best Aphrodite boons in Hades 2, a strong contender is Rapture Ring. This boon enhances the player's cast ability.

With this boon, you can pull enemies into their cast, making it easier to trap and damage them. Enemies caught in the cast are also inflicted with the Weak curse, Aphrodite’s signature curse. This weakens the enemies and amplifies the effects of other boons from the goddess of love.

2. Flutter Strike

Flutter Strike is comparable to Flutter Flourish, but Flutter Strike might be more advantageous overall. Most attacks are executed at close range, while many specials tend to be long-ranged.

Flutter Strike allows the player to deal extra damage to nearby enemies, providing at least an 80% damage increase for close-up attacks. This boon greatly improves the player's ability to destroy enemies, including bosses, by greatly boosting the damage dealt.

3. Flutter Flourish

Flutter Flourish is an excellent choice for players who frequently use their specials. This boon increases the damage dealt by the player's specials, but the condition is that the enemies must be nearby for the increased damage to take effect.

The close-up damage boost can increase by at least 100%, and depending on the boon’s rarity, it can surpass 200%. This means the player's specials could potentially deal double or more than double their normal damage.

4. Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker is an intriguing boon granted by the Goddess of Love. To activate this boon, you must use 30 Magick. Once this is done, a heartthrob will automatically appear around the player. This heartthrob acts as an explosive that detonates on its own when near enemies.

If not utilized, the heartthrob will disappear after 30 seconds. The area damage caused by this boon varies based on its rarity.

5. Glamour Gain

Passion Dash Aphrodite Boon

Glamour Gain is an excellent boon for players looking to regain Magick during encounters. It allows you to regain Magick when near an enemy inflicted with the Weak curse. Even if you don't have a boon that inflicts Weak, this boon ensures that at least one foe will be Weak in each encounter.

However, it’s more advantageous to have a boon that inflicts Weak when using this boon, as it will provide the player with more opportunities to restore Magick.

6. Island Getaway

This Aphrodite boon is actually a duo boon between Aphrodite and Poseidon. It can seriously enhance two of Aphrodite's powerful boons: Flutter Flourish and Flutter Strike. This duo boon allows Aphrodite's other boons to treat all enemies as nearby, meaning that even distant enemies will take damage as if they were close.

Additionally, this boon grants the player damage resistance to nearby enemies, effectively reducing the damage Melinoë takes. Nevertheless, as a duo boon, it can be quite rare to obtain.

7. Broken Resolve

Broken Resolve is a powerful Aphrodite boon in Hades 2, but on its own, it is ineffective. To utilize this boon, the player must have another boon from Aphrodite that inflicts the Weak curse. With Broken Resolve, the player can enhance the effect of Weak on enemies, further reducing the damage taken from those afflicted by the curse.

8. Life Affirmation

Life Affirmation Aphrodite Boon

Life Affirmation is a special boon for Aphrodite which helps players increase their health points significantly. To cite an example, in case you spot a centaur heart after obtaining the boon, instead of a mere 25-point boost, it would amplify by a specific percentage, with a minimum increment of 40% for common instances of the boon.

Indeed, with this enhancement, players not only elevate their maximum health points but also experience an increase in their ability to replenish health points.

9. Passion Dash

Passion Dash represents Aphrodite's unique twist on a sprint boon. Its effect is rather captivating. As the player sprints, it triggers a blast that affects foes at both the starting and ending points of the sprint, inflicting the curse Weak upon impacted enemies.

Although Passion Dash provides a distinctive ability, some other Gods present more potent sprint boons. The blast damage generated by Passion Dash, particularly at its common level, is rather underwhelming, typically amounting to only 20 points. Consequently, it fails to deliver substantial damage to most adversaries.

10. Healthy Rebound

Placed at the 10th spot in the list of best Aphrodite boons in Hades 2 is Healthy Rebound, a boon designed to aid players in restoring health points. This boon offers the player the opportunity to fully recuperate their health, provided they haven't fallen below a certain threshold. In the case of a common boon, the minimum requirement stands at 80% of their health points. Nonetheless, for a heroic boon, the player only needs to maintain a minimum of 50% health points to benefit from this boon.

If the player isn't adept at dodging attacks, this boon may not prove particularly effective. Yet, it becomes essential to acquire if Aphrodite presents it as Epic or Heroic, though its significance diminishes for common or rare variants.

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