Arc of Alchemist – an epic RPG where you wander across the desert, searching for a key to save the entire mankind. Enter the unforgiving desert as Quinn Bravesford, a brave leader who leads her kingdom’s soldiers on an important investigation mission in the Desert of Beginnings.

Arc of Alchemist
Arc Of Alchemist by Compile Heart comes to PS4 in early 2020.


Quinn is the captain of this operation. She holds the Lunagear in her hand while searching for the four Orbs. According to myths and legends, once those four Orbs reunite with the Lunagear, the Great Power will emerge and save humanity. However, it’s an impossibly difficult job and only a mere legend has the capability.

Arc of Alchemist
The desert is harsh and unforgiving. Quinn and allies have to embark on an epic mission to save the world.


As a matter of fact, Quinn and her army are not alone in the search for the Great Power. They will have to face the military of Principality of Neuhaven, alongside deadly creatures as well as Machine Dolls in the desert.

Below is the preview trailer of Arc of Alchemist, where Quinn and allies travel across the desert, solving puzzles and battle against enemies.

For your information, Arc of Alchemist will launch in NA in an exclusively digital form in 2020. At the same time, a European version will arrive for PS4 in both physical and digital form as well.

Key Game Features

The Four Orbs are out there, somewhere! Take control of Lunagear and the orbs with four elements: Water, Fire, Earth, and Wind to unleash the Great Power. Exploit elemental weaknesses from your enemies and strike them hard! Arc of Alchemist features tons of actions, skills, weapons and elemental attacks. Customize your play style and defeat anything blocking your way.

Arc of Alchemist
Visually speaking, Arc of Alchemist looks stunning in their graphics and art-style.

Assign Quinn and her two allies wisely to conquer the deadly desert. Each member of the gang has unique roles in the battle. Because of that, formation is the key to winning! Master the art of base-building and get your facilities up and running. Be a great leader and make correct calls. Make your party better off with strong weapons and correct action commands.

Arc of Alchemist comes to NA and Europe via PS4 in early 2020 - you don’t want to miss it!