On the surface, Arietta of Spirits is a beautiful Zelda-like action-adventure game. It follows the story of a little girl namely Arietta with the power of seeing the paranormal creatures. But if you have a look closer to its story, it's about the journey of the most neglectful parents ever!

Before getting into how bad Arietta's parents are, let's see the trailer below to see how the girl will make her adventure through the woods and save the Spirit Realm:

The story of Arietta Spirits

Arietta is on her trip to visit her late grandmother's cabin with her parents. It's the first time that she came here since her grandmother passed away a year ago. Together, they cook meals, eating and enjoying the fresh atmosphere of the woods to remember about their lost ones.

Arietta Of Spirits Free Demo 2
Arietta is on a family trip to her lost grandmother's cabin

However, as she thought it's going to be another ordinary trip, everything turns after one night. Arietta suddenly comes across a paranormal creature, which grants her the ability to sea a wicked entity that's trying to take over the island.

Arietta Of Spirits Free Demo 4
Arietta encounters a strange creature

Together, they'll have to travel through various forests and caverns to find this creature and put a stop to it!

Gameplay features

Remember that I said that Arietta has the worst parents ever? Well, they are truly bad! I mean, which father gives his daughter a 'wooden sword' and asks her to get deeper into the woods full of wasps? If you really need your daughter to do it for you, at least give her a smoke gun or something more useful!

Arietta Of Spirits Free Demo 5
Arietta of Spirits has the worst parents ever!

Lucky for him, Arietta is an energetic girl who doesn't afraid of taking challenges against those wasps. Using her trusty 'wooden sword', she'll explore the forests, and sharpen her sword skills for later.

Enough talking about her parents, let's switch to the gameplay. Arietta and her new paranormal friends will have to embark on a dangerous journey against the Wasp Queen and her minion to protect the island. On her way, she'll have to rely on your rolling mechanics and swordsmanship to chop down many creatures, from the wasp to the slime.

Arietta Of Spirits Free Demo 3
Fight against a range of enemies, from the wasps to the slimes

Your friends will help you by enchanting your sword with elemental powers, so you will have another tool against the mighty Wasp Queen. The further you progress, the more abilities you can unlock through the fast-paced combats.

Arietta Of Spirits Free Demo 1
Fight hostile creatures with a wood sword is definitely not a good idea!

Arietta of Spirits is still under its development stages, but the developer Third Spirit wants as much feedback as possible. Hence, it has given us a free demo on Steam and Itch.io, which you can check out for the first impression.