Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX is the product from the indie developer Bluffman Games. Previously, it has reached Switch owner on June 6. And this time, it's back to bring the sentimental longing for the past to PC players.

Before digging into the gameplay, let's watch this quirky pixel-dot trailer first:

A tribute to the classic Game Boy consoles

It has been 30 years since the first Nintendo Game Boy reached the North American market. Time really flies, doesn't it? And while we're just sitting there recalling about our childhood's experience, the indie developer has chosen a meaningful way to pay a commemoration to the release. It's Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX, coming out for PC at the end of this month!

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx Out This Month 3
Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx is coming out for PC

There's little information about the game's story. However, we know at least that Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX tells the tale of a group of adventurers. They include a wise man who can travel anywhere in this land with his intelligence; an old knight with uncontestable swordsmanship techniques; and a nobleman who can literally buy anything he wants.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx Out This Month 5
Form your own team of mightiest people on the land

All those mighty characters will team up to form the most powerful combination ever! Together, they'll prepare to deal with the devastating disaster coming three years later and save the land!

About its gameplay

About the gameplay, the game brings an open world, allows you to freely visit everywhere you want. Alongside its 8-bit visual style, the game has won fans' hearts all over the world, especially ones seeking the good-old Game Boy adventure.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx Out This Month 6
Recalling of the Game Boy's memories

Furthermore, Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX also features choice-driven mechanics. To be more specific, every decision you makes will change the outcome of the whole story. The developer has promised that some outcomes might even shock us, so let's wait to see how twisting it will be!

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx Out This Month 7
The disaster comes three years later, and it will be shocking

Additionally, you can also play through this experience with your friend at your place, as this title supports local co-op play. The combat in the game is simple, in which you can only control your character to run, jump, and slash your enemies down. However, it's quite fascinating, as you'll have to carefully dodge the enemies attacks, which makes the battle even more realistic.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden Dx Out This Month 4
The combat is simple yet fascinating!

Last but not least, if you're really craving the nostalgia of old-school gaming, this latest installment allows you to switch freely from vivid color to monochrome tones.

Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX release date

Artifact Adventure Gaiden DX is heading to PC on July 31st. It will be available for Steam and Playism, with a price of $9.99.