Bullet hell games have never regained its popularity in modern gaming - in the past, when technology wasn't there yet, they were one of the staple genres of gaming.

Ballistic Craft is a love letter to those days, with a lot of new and strange ideas mixed in. This is an action battle arena, in which you would go against thee enemies with customized attacks named "shots". The core part of this system is the "Shot Development", which lets you create your own bullets. There are a lot of options, ranging from speed, trajectory, color, and size - the number of combinations that can be created from those options is pretty much infinite. Below is a trailer for the game:

This is the crucial part to be successful in this game, as a well-designed shot is very important to penetrate opponents' defenses. Steam Workshop is incorporated into this game - you can share your creations through it. You can also acquire various player-created assets from the workshop as well.

Flashy PVP with custom attacks

There are two modes in this game: Story and Multiplayer. In the Singleplayer mode, you will participate in a tournament - in which you would learn more about the mechanics of the game and develop your attacks as you go. After beating the campaign, you can use the stock attacks or further modify them to your preferences.

S01 1024x576
A pitched battle

The multiplayer mode works through Steam - you can either participate in local or online matches. Matches are random online wise - unless you and your friend join a private lobby. Ballistic Craft is developed by PalladiumSoft and published by GameTomo. It will be released on Steam on Feb 13. Interested in more of our video games related articles? Please check out this post for the top 10 best RPGs developed by Bethesda.