There’s no doubt about it: Grand Theft Auto V is timeless. Albeit it may seem as if the game is slowly losing its relevance when it looks like Grand Theft Auto VI is about to see the light. There are still thousands, if not, millions of people out there who are still enjoying the story, or out and up to no good with friends and strangers alike in Grand Theft Auto Online. But unless you have played through the game before, you wouldn’t be able to imagine just how difficult it is to win an online match or have a chance against other players if you don’t have the biggest, baddest guns.

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The progression system in GTA V is quite simple: The more you level up, the better your weapons would be. To do this, you have to gain XP through several jobs or missions. Although more powerful weapons would be made available to you gradually, it’s quite common sense that not every weapon were created equal. You don’t want to waste cash on weapons that you would regret investing on in the future. So if you’re looking forward to making a safe and informed purchase, read on in our list about 10 of the best weapons you should put on your shopping list in the game.

Micro SMG

Compact and unassuming, this gun doesn’t look like the perfect killing weapon to a lot of people. But that’s where you would be wrong.

Microsmg Gtav

The Micro SMG is not new to the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing way back to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. When you first bought it, the gun holds a relatively mediocre 16 rounds magazine - one of the guns with the lowest ammo capacity in the game, in fact. But after getting the extended magazine upgrade, it would be able to hold quite a respectable 30-round magazine. No more having to worry about reloading every once in a while, it’s not only a good backup weapon, but it’s awesome to use while driving as well.

Compact Grenade Launcher

Who doesn’t love a loud bang to send a message that you are the most lethal gun in town?

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Added into the game as part of the Bikers update. Although the Compact Grenade Launcher is a single shooter, meaning you have to reload every time you fire off an round. The destruction that it is capable of wrecking is quite worth the hassle. The reload process doesn’t take that long, anyway. This handy launcher could solve the more well-armored enemies or even armored vehicles.

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Though you may not find yourself in a situation where the launcher is suitable for use. The fact that it is able to wipe out a group of enemies or cars would make it a lovely addition to your personal armory.

Heavy Revolver MkII

The original Heavy Revolver is already capable of dishing out quite a punch via its 6-chamber revolving cylinder. But the Heavy Revolver MkII is able to bring the lethality of the original hand cannon even further.

Heavyrevolvermkii Gtav

The gun was added into the game as part of the Doomsday Heist update. You can get the gun at a pretty sour price tag of $99,000 in the Weapon Workshop as a conversion, but looking back, you’d be quite glad that you had made the plunge. The gun not only improved on the damage value of the original Heavy Revolver, it’s also able to fire at a faster rate. The best thing yet, it is able to fire a multitude of different ammunition types. From incendiary to tracer, and hollow-point … but these are just a few examples of what you could serve your enemies on the streets of Los Santos.

Advanced Rifle

As its name might suggest, if you’re looking for a well-rounded, quality assault rifle, look no further than this. Better yet, it is sold as quite a value considering just how powerful it is and just how bad-arse it looks in the hands of the character: The futuristic bull-pup design reminiscent of real-life Israeli’s IWI Tavor rifle gives it quite a character better than most weapons in the game could.

Advancedrifle Gtav

While playing GTA V, you can have the gun for about $3,500, so that would mean you will need to shell out about $14,250 online. Many different upgrades can be bought to make the gun even better.

In term of stats, the Advanced Rifle is capable of delivering more damage per shot than most guns in the assault rifle category, bar some. What sets it back, though, is that it doesn’t have a good accuracy rating to balance out the high damage.

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Special Carbine

Taking inspiration from the Bundeswehr’s (German Army) standard issue rifle, the Heckler & Koch G36, the Special Carbine has quite an impressive design. It can be bought at Ammu-Nation in both GTA V and GTA Online for $14,750. Of course, just like many other guns, you can upgrade it with several components to make it even better such as extended magazines as well as an attached scope.

Specialcarbine Gtav

In its own class, the Special Carbine has pretty great damage per shot value and also a pretty great accuracy rating. Not only the gun makes it easier to land a shot on your enemy, but once hit, they’d hit the ground quicker than when you use other guns.

Of course, there’s a trade-off: The Special Carbine has a bad range in comparison to others. So know when to bring it, in close-quarter combat (CQB) situations, this gun would be your best friend.

Sticky Bomb

I don’t really have to explain why this is one of my favorite weapon in the game. It’s so versatile: With good use, you can blow anything and anyone up as efficiently as pulling the trigger of a gun. Although the Sticky Bomb is a little bit pricier than most explosives, ranging from $400 to $600 each unit, it’s worth it for me. Sure, I can definitely sink all of that money into ammo and gun upgrades that could serve me for far longer than a single sticky bomb, I think the return is worth it.

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Just toss one toward the target, back up for a little bit, and hit the detonator. For those who are constantly on the move, the fact that the bomb can stick into any surfaces of a vehicle will make it a valuable weapon to kill off a fleeing target (Or a bunch of them).

Combat MG MkII

The Combat MG casts its imposing presence on the battlefield as a roar, followed up by a storm of bullets that can displace anything that’s not bolted down or cut down anyone who is not in cover. The gun itself, a blend of the M249 light machine gun and the M60 general-purpose machine gun can give anyone quite a scare seeing it aimed at them.

Just like the Heavy Revolver MkII, the Combat MG MkII brings better stat and performance to the original Combat MG. You can have it for a prohibitively expensive $119,000 as a conversion in the Weapon Workshop. The conversion is made available in the GTA Online as part of the Gunrunning update.

Combatmgmkii Gtav

The Combat MG MkII more or less carries an armory with it. The 100-round box magazine can bring down a storm of lead upon your enemies, and its suppressive fire capability is unmatched. It’s the ravager of everything destructible in the game, from enemies to vehicles - even armored. No one can hope to outgun you, nor can they take you out first if your barrel is aimed toward their general direction.

Just like the Heavy Revolver MkII, it’s able to fire a range of different ammunition. Explosive, tracer, e.t.c. you name it, the gun can fire it.

Heavy Sniper MkII

A GTA-style adaptation of the Barrett M82, the Heavy Sniper MkII is a conversion kit attached to a price tag of $165,375 in Weapon Workshop. Quite powerful, and can down someone at pretty long range, this is the perfect weapon for those who love to long-range approach.

Heavysnipermkii Gtav

If you want to add a damage boost to the game, buy the explosive round upgrade. Although the drawback is that using a specialized round will mean the ammo capacity is reduced to a meager 4-round, but considering it is a sniper rifle, you won’t have to worry about this much unless you’re careless enough to go into a close-range gunfight with a sniper rifle strapped to the back.

Pump Shotgun MkII

The game puts quite a good spin on the Benelli M4 with the Pump Shotgun. But via the Pump Shotgun MkII update you can get for $82,500 in Weapon Workshop, it’s just going to feel even better blasting your enemies into bits. Reliable and powerful, in the extremely close quarter, there’s no better way to deal with your opponents than this.

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As always, if you want to have a damage boost, get the explosive round upgrade. Its devastating capability is just going to be better overall.

AP Pistol

The AP (Armoured Piercing) pistol is available in both GTA V and GTA Online. In GTA V, you can unlock the game after finishing the Three’s Company for $1,000. But in GTA Online, after you attain the rank of 33, you can buy the gun for $5,000.

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Accurate, powerful with a high rate of fire, it’s the perfect side-arm viable to use even while driving. Even if you’re not locked in a driver or passenger’s seat, you will still be able to appreciate the extra firepower of the pistol.

Appistol Gtav