Here are the top 10 Minecraft survival servers of 2024 that you should try for a fantastic experience. Let's dive into the right place and enjoy exciting experiences with friends on one of the following best Minecraft servers.

#1. Mineplex

Mineplex is one of the best Minecraft survival servers with one of the largest Minecraft communities. This server features simple survival with basic missions of farming resources and eliminating other players. You can find and loot chests all around the map, engage in combat to clear the opponents, and try to survive as the last man standing in this survival mode.


#2. MoxMC

If you are searching for good Minecraft survival servers with exciting survival gameplay, MoxMC is a great option. Apart from fierce mob combat and exciting quests, you can enjoy fascinating land-claiming challenges with other players. This server has a dynamic active community for a great survival experience.

#3. The Seed

Slightly unlike other Minecraft survival servers, The Seed remains the traditional experience of vanilla Minecraft while adding new features to the server. You will immerse into a fascinating survival server with a player-driven economy and run your shops. Players can also raise their pets on this server.

Minecraft Servers The Seed
The Seed

#4. Mineland Network

Mineland Network is one of the best modded Minecraft survival servers with various options for survival modes. Players can establish forces to set up forces to engage in PvP battles. This server also offers lots of gaming options for amazing adventures in this dynamic Minecraft world with other players.

#5. The Mining Dead

Among many new Minecraft survival servers, The Mining Dead is still a good option for players. The Walking Dead movie is the inspiration for this server with lots of zombies wandering around. It also features melee weapons and guns for combat, making its survival games more thrilling and exciting.

The Mining Dead
The Mining Dead

#6. InsanityCraft

When joining the InsanityCraft survival server, Minecraft players will have various exciting activities to experience. You can battle against mobs, explore dangerous dungeons, and traverse through risky terrains. In addition, Minecrafters can choose one of the four following roles with unique skills: Sonic, Assassin, Healer, and Magician.

#7. Grand Theft MC

Grand Theft MC is one of the top must-try free Minecraft survival servers of 2024 with a GTA theme with many GTA-style cities, such as Sanktburg, MineSantos, and New Mineport. Moreover, you can use 48 custom weapons in this survival server. Besides, this GTA-themed server also offers vehicles, weapons, and gangs like a real GTA world.

Play Gta In Minecraft
Play GTA In Minecraft

#8. Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming will bring players a Pokemon experience with a Pixelmon. Apart from the survival mode, you can select Factions, Prison, Skyblock, and Pixelmon modes. It's fun to establish an empire in Prison mode and share an interesting gaming experience in a post-apocalyptic world with friends and other players.

#9. AppleCraft

AppleCraft is a Java-exclusive survival server for Minecraft players created in 2016. This devoted server came with diverse adventures and PvE challenges. With great support and community-based experience, Minecraft players have convincing reasons to choose AppleCraft for enjoyable gaming time.


#10. WilderCraft

The survival mode of WiderCraft provides you with diverse experiences with interesting minigames, trading activities, and a rank system. It maintains your interest through regular contests, alluring activities, and regularly updated features. Moreover, you can challenge a custom ender dragon for exclusive rewards.

#11. BlossomCraft

BlossomCraft brings you to a stunning PvE survival world with dreamlike patches of pink blossoms. It's best to enable your inventory throughout the farming and surviving time so that you won't lose all resources after respawning. Unique mechanics and a stunning environment in BlossomCraft will make every second on this survival server more enjoyable.


Those are the top 11 best Minecraft survival servers you shouldn't ignore in 2024. Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment to let us know. Also, stay tuned for more updates in Minecraft on

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