Here are the best Minecraft server hosting services and the best Minecraft servers of 2024 that are highly recommended for you. Check out what you can get from these server hosts.

I. Best Paid Minecraft Server Hosting

Many web hosting enterprises offer gamers decent hosting services for a better in-game experience. Here are the best-modded Minecraft server hosting recommended by veterans of this game.

#1. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is the best hosting for beginners in Minecraft. It offers players an adorable price of $2.50 per month which is reasonable for its features. It supports Java and many Minecraft editions. However, there is no free trial, so you have to purchase to experience it.

Minecraft Server Hosting
Create a server.

#2. Bisect Hosting

Bisect Hosting is the top-rated server hosting service for Minecraft Java and Bedrock of 2024. It supports more than 2,000 mod packs and servers in 20 locations. The starting price of $2.99 per month is reasonable for its services, such as daily back-ups, manual and automatic mod pack installation, FTP support, free sub-domain names, etc. Like Shockbyte, it does not offer a free trial.

#3. Sparked

Sparked is also a top-rated server hosting of 2024. With only $0.60 per quarter, you can enjoy amazing features almost free compared to other paid Minecraft server hosting services. Moreover, it offers a 24-hour free trial, one of the most alluring features to players. Besides, it's also the best option for security.

Minecraft Servers Hypixel
Play with friends.

#4. Hostinger

More attractive than previous options, Hostinger offers players a long free trial for 30 days, because it's more expensive after the trial. This hosting service allows users control over their server performance in terms of blacklisting, networking, load time, and more.

#5. GGServers

GGServers offers users a 1-week free trial and a reasonable price of $3 per month. With powerful processors and unmetered bandwidth, this Canadian-owned hosting service guarantees a high-speed and great gaming experience, even in peak hours. It also supports Java and Bedrock editions.

Minecraft Server Mods
Experience modded servers.

II. Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

F2P Minecraft gamers can enjoy the free hosting services of many reliable web hosts. Here are some popular hosts for you.

#1. ScalaCube

ScalaCube offers Minecraft players a free plan with a lag-free experience. Moreover, Minecraft players with Java and Bedrock editions can enjoy various mod packs and automatic backups on a user-friendly platform. Enjoy PvP or PvE experience in your Minecraft server with friends as modded.

#2. Aternos

Aternos is one of the most popular free-forever Minecraft server hosting services trusted by over 85 million Minecraft players all over the world. The developer team committed that players can pay for anything on their sites and enjoy multi-player mode with friends anytime on Aternos's Minecraft servers.

Best Minecraft Servers Minescape
Build a large world with friends.

#3. Minehut

Minehut's free plans provide Minecraft players with the same content as the premium plans. But you have to watch ads to experience it without paying real cash. That's the way Minehut can make money to maintain their business and bring free services to you.

#4. Falix

Minecraft free hosting on Falix brings you significant benefits. You can create three free Minecraft servers. It also allows players to modify their Minecraft files, share their servers with friends and other players for a multi-playing experience, manage the server's environment, and install mods, packs, and plugins.

Modify Your Server
Modify and control your servers.

#5. Minefort

You can experience exciting features on Minefort without any cost, such as unlimited plugins, free FTP file access, 20 slots for players, and more. However, Minefort only provides the free plan for a limited period per day. Build cities, villages, and communities in your servers, and play the game with your friends.

These are the top 10 paid and free Minecraft server hosting of 2024. Stay tuned for further updates and events in Minecraft on

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